New agreement would merge county GIS mapping system

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By Zach Osowski

Fiscal Court’s IT Committee met on Sept. 17 to discuss a new inter-local agreement allowing the sharing of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) maps.

GIS maps show certain government agencies very detailed illustrations of information important to them. Committee Chair Kevin Eldridge said the GIS maps for the Oldham County Water District show in detail all the pipes in the county so they know where to dig and where to fix leaks if they pop up. The Oldham County Environmental Authority has a GIS map showing sewer lines and the county’s fire chiefs association has maps detailing where every single fire hydrant is.

Eldridge said the goal of the agreement is to bring all the maps together under one roof where seven different agencies will have access to them. OC Fiscal Court, OC Property Valuation, OC Water District, OC Environmental Authority, OC Fire Chiefs Association, the City of La Grange and La Grange Utilities will all be a part of the agreement and will have access to the GIS maps if they agree to sign on.

The goal is to conserve public resources and prevent a duplication of services by consolidating the GIS system under one roof.

“We’ve got all these different maps and the more overlay you can get, the better,” Eldridge said. “Each of these organizations has got some layer that the other guy doesn’t have. By working them together you get a more complete map.”

Fiscal Court will be maintaining the system and each participating member in the agreement will have to pay an annual fee to join the agreement. The agreement would last 10 years.

Eldridge said nothing is ever finalized in committee meetings, but the agreement passed out of the committee and will now have a first reading before the entire Fiscal Court body.


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