A memorable month: May is a time to honor loved ones and those who served our great nation

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By The Staff

May is a month filled with occasions to display respect, duty, reverence and honor.

National Day of Prayer is May 6; Armed Forces Day is May 15; Mother’s Day is May 8; the primary election is May 18 and Memorial Day is May 31.

This week, I’d like to focus on Memorial Day. Too often many make plans for a three-day weekend with little regard for the true meaning of Memorial Day, which should be known as a patriotic day to honor soldiers. I’m happy we have the freedom and right to enjoy extra time with family and friends but also remember the true meaning of sacrifice and honor.

Let us remember that in America it is extremely important that we acknowledge the significance of lives lost, our heroic young soldiers having died in wars to ensure our great country is known throughout the world for freedom. The pursuit of happiness and belief in something so prevailing inspired brave men and women to protect our rights, willing to fight and die to ensure our freedom.

Part of my family’s tradition includes decorating grave sites and reminiscing about loved ones who have died serving our country. It is good to honor the fallen and to comfort the families and friends who mourn and remember one of the million American soldiers who’ve fought in the wars of history and in the wars of today. We should also remember our veterans.

I urge you to make plans now and take time while enjoying outings and family cook-outs; honor our soldier’s sacrifices by taking time to think of them. At this time it is more important than ever to remember why they’ve served – to guard and protect our democracy.

The Oldham Era would like to honor those veterans who have passed. Take hold of this historical, significant time with a tribute by flying a U.S. flag, visit a cemetery, leave flowers on grave sites, say a prayer and say thank you. The Oldham Era would like to honor those who gave their all and those in our nation’s service who protect our country. You are invited to participate in this tribute by sharing your photos with us.

In the May 27 edition of The Oldham Era, we’ll publish photos of soldiers and veterans on a feature page. If you’d like to submit a photo, e-mail it to news@oldhamera.com and we’ll publish the photos at no charge. The deadline for submissions is 5 p.m. May 14. Photos may be delivered in person to Lora Cable or Mabel Parrish. Thank you and God bless our country and soldiers.

Election coverage in today’s edition

On May 18, exercise your freedom to vote. Use your opportunity to select our elected officials. To educate you about the candidates, today’s edition of The Oldham Era includes a “Guide to the Polls” supplement including information supplied by each candidate. Also in today’s edition, we’ve dedicated a section to coverage of the debates we recently hosted with Oldham Chamber & Economic Development.

As you’ll notice throughout our election coverage, there are several races that will be decided in the May primary, making your vote even more important as Republicans will select many of the county’s future leaders.


A special Mother’s Day feature

In the May 6 edition of The Oldham Era, we’ve invited the mothers and daughters of The Oldham Era’s staff to share column space in honor of Mother’s Day. We’re planning a similar feature for Father’s Day as well.

Clarissa Williams is general manager of The Oldham Era. She can be reached at 222-7183.