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In the April 21 edition, we offered space for residents to debate conservatism in the United States. It is our intention for the opinion section of The Oldham Era to serve as a sounding board for your views, and we welcome your comments.

In the spirit of creating dialogue among residents, we encourage you to respond
with your views about the columns published below, or submit a column of your own that we’ll match with another writer’s contrasting view.

GALEN CLARK: By today’s standard, was Ulysses S. Grant a tree hugger?

"Abraham Lincoln’s  emancipation of African American slaves in the United States was seen as massive governmental regulation and interference in the 1860s leading to our civil war.
By today’s standards would we categorize Lincoln as a conservative or a liberal?"

TOM WHITE: Political correctness allows confused thinking to flourish

"Perhaps the most baffling thing to me is a Christian that in every single election continues to support and vote for Democrats, thereby voting for things that they were against on Sunday morning."