Make your vote count

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In response to comments made regarding the La Grange City tax, I would like to put my 1% in! I do not live in the La Grange City limits but unfortunately work within the city limits. However I do live in Oldham County.

When we vote for elected officials such as President, Senators,etc., we vote for who we think will do the best for us as citizens of the United States. I have that right and I am very thankful for that.

That being said when those are elected into office for the City of La Grange, I am not able to vote for or against a candidate because I live outside of the city limits.

Maybe if we citizens who had to pay tax to the City of La Grange that do not live in the city could vote for or against certain candidates I would not be writing this letter.

 - Robin Yahl, La Grange