Magistrate rematch features court battle

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One of the closest races for magistrate in 2010 will see a repeat race on May 20.

Current 5th District Magistrate JD Sparks is running for re-election against the person he beat for the job four years ago, former magistrate Iva Davis. The first race between the two was decided by a mere 13 votes.

And both candidates are feeling good about the second round.

“I’ve had a wonderful response from the 5th District,” Davis said. “I’ve put out 350 signs, had people walking with me. I’m overwhelmed with the support.”

Sparks said most of his responses from voters have been positive, especially from those who watch Fiscal Court meetings on Channel 25.

“People are glad I’m the outspoken guy asking questions,” Sparks said. “People really like that. What they told me the first time I ran is (Iva) doesn’t ask questions. She just sits there and votes whichever way the winds blows. Sitting there doing nothing is not leadership.”

Davis said the issues most important to her in the race concern flooding on Ash Avenue, progress on Oldham Reserve and continued growth of Oldham County as a whole.

“I’ve been in business for 37 years here in Oldham County,” she said. “Oldham County has given a lot to me and my family and I’d like to give back to the county. And this is one way I can do it.”

Sparks pointed to reducing the county’s debt, progress in Oldham Reserve and his conservative record as accomplishments in his four years.

“I’m the people’s voice on Fiscal Court,” he said. “I’m like a citizen-representative on the court and people want that. I’m a lifelong conservative Republican and I’m the only person in this race that has been a lifelong conservative Republican.”

But the race between the two hasn’t been without its drama. Sparks recently won a temporary injunction against Davis based on a Facebook post she made about Sparks’ past. The post, which the judge deemed unacceptable, made it seem like Sparks had current legal trouble, which he does not.

Davis said in an interview she has since changed the wording of the post.

“I have corrected what the judge asked me to correct,” she said. “I misspoke, I meant no disrespect to my opponent."

Davis said the original post was in response to Sparks’ allegation on Facebook that she didn’t have respect for the law.

“I’m very respected in the community,” Davis said. “And I do have respect for the law. I’m just trying to run a campaign where I talk about myself, not my opponent.”

Sparks said the ruling shows that challengers can’t just say anything about an incumbent.

“You can’t say whatever you want because someone is a public official,” Sparks said. “That’s wrong and I’m going to continue the lawsuit.”

Sparks said he wants to put new ideas forward if given the chance for four more years.

“She’s trying to win this election by spending money on signs and untrue accusations,” he said. “I’m trying to win with ideas and trying to make Oldham County a better place.”

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