Local teams will look for strong showings in 2A state track meet today

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By Greg Waddell

When the 2A state track meet kicks off today at Owsley Frazier Cardinal Park, the University of Louisville will have plenty of local flavor as both North and South Oldham will be looking to make a dent on the field.

That said, after winning the Region 3, 2A track meet in both boys’ and girls’ action, North Oldham will look to carry that momentum into today’s event.

For the girls, that would be a big benefit, head coach Alan Yanke said, as they’ll look to build on last year’s performance.

“Last year, we finished fourth in the state as a team for the girls ,” Yanke said. “We were really excited because that fourth place was very unexpected. This year our goal was to be in the top three and we’ve focused on that all year. Our mood is very serious, but we’re a young team; we don’t have any seniors competing. Everybody that we have at the state meet is returning and we have people in 16 of the 18 events, which, to me, is just amazing. That’s really exciting.”  

The Mustangs will look to come out of the gates strong behind top seeded Brianna Brown in the 100 meter hurdles and the 100 meter dash, where she’s seeded second, Ally Hall, who’ll start fifth in the 800 meter run, and the No. 3 4x800 meter relay team. Brown will also headline in the field events, where she’ll enter as the second seed in the long jump, while Sydney Willett and Natalie Newman will look to make noise in the high jump and pole, respectively, as well.

On the guys’ side, their male counterparts will look to keep momentum rolling as well after a state title last season.

They’ll be led by Zach Evans, who is seeded third in the 200 meter dash and seventh in the 300 meter hurdles, as well as Taylor Sanders, who will start in seventh in the 1600 meter run. In the field events, the reigning champs will look to Cameron Renaud, who will helm both the discus throw and shot put out of the three and four slots, respectively.

In the South Oldham camp, though the Dragons will advance as a team on the girls’ side after finishing in third in the regional meet, head coach Stan Clark highlighted a couple of events in particular that the team could do really well. In addition to the 4x800 relay team, which is seeded No. 1, the team will turn to Keightley Dudgeon in the 1600 meter run, Grace Whitworth in the 3200 and Mallory Nason in the high jump. 

For the boys, Leonard Faul will lead the way in the 800 meter run with a three seed, followed by the 4x100 relay team and fourth seeded Mike Thompson in the high jump.

Overall, as a team, Clark noted that he’s confident heading into the biggest meet of the year.

“I think, team-wise, we’re ready to go,” he said. “We’re at our best performances and they all feel good about. We seem to be pulling it together. All we can ask for is our best and I feel like we’re going to get that (today).”

They’ll find out soon enough as the first event is set to kick off with the girls’ discus and the boys’ shot put at 1 p.m. The first track event will start at 3 p.m. with the girls’ 4x800 meter relay.


Local participants in today’s 2A State Championship:


North Oldham 


  1. Shelby Adams
  2. Christina Ausley 
  3. Arien Beasley
  4. Emma Brazeau 
  5. Brianne Brown
  6. Luke Cummins
  7. Erin Didier 
  8. Edward Downs
  9. Cody Elbert
  10. Jake Evans
  11. Jesse Evans 
  12. Zach Evans 
  13. David Gardiner 
  14. Hannah Gray 
  15. Ally Hall
  16. Alec Horn 
  17. Justine Kincaid 
  18. Mike Levdahl 
  19. Marissa Lowe 
  20. Rowan McWilliams 
  21. Maggie Mollak 
  22. Emily Morsman
  23. Natalie Newman 
  24. Elizabeth Olive 
  25. Haley Oliver 
  26. Erin Olsson
  27. Jacob Raymond 
  28. Cameron Renaud 
  29. Jesse Sanders 
  30. Taylor Sanders 
  31. Allie Serey 
  32. Josh Smith 
  33. Will Steinfeld 
  34. Eric Taglieri 
  35. David Terkula 
  36. Steve Terkula 
  37. Tyler Thompson 
  38. Luke Travestad 
  39. Sydney Willett
  40. Morgan Workman


#11 Girls 4x100 Meter Relay

#459 Brianne Brown; #460 Erin Didier; #464 Justine Kincaid; #473 Jesse Sanders #474 Allie Serey; #472 Erin Olsson; #466 Rowan McWilliams; #468 Emily Morsman


#7 Girls 4x200 Meter Relay

#460 Erin Didier; #464 Justine Kincaid; #473 Jesse Sanders; #472 Erin Olsson #466 Rowan McWilliams; #474 Allie Serey; #468 Emily Morsman; #459 Brianne Brown


#23 Girls 4x400 Meter Relay

#460 Erin Didier; #464 Justine Kincaid; #472 Erin Olsson; #473 Jesse Sanders #466 Rowan McWilliams; #463 Ally Hall; #462 Hannah Gray; #461 Jesse Evans


#1 Girls 4x800 Meter Relay

 #465 Marissa Lowe; #457 Christina Ausley; #466 Rowan McWilliams; #463 Ally Hall #458 Emma Brazeau; #460 Erin Didier; #462 Hannah Gray; #476 Morgan Workman


#12 Boys 4x100 Meter Relay

#1083 Arien Beasley; #1086 Cody Elbert; #1087 Jake Evans; #1095 Josh Smith #1085 Edward Downs; #1092 Jacob Raymond; #1096 Will Steinfeld


#8 Boys 4x200 Meter Relay

#1083 Arien Beasley; #1086 Cody Elbert; #1087 Jake Evans; #1095 Josh Smith Edward; #1085 Downs; #1092 Jacob Raymond; #1096 Will Steinfeld


#24 Boys 4x400 Meter Relay 

#1086 Cody Elbert; #1087 Jake Evans; #1088 Zach Evans; #1095 Josh Smith #1091 Mike Levdahl; #1089 David Gardiner; #1100 Tyler Thompson


#2 Boys 4x800 Meter Relay

#1089 David Gardiner; #1090 Alec Horn; #1100 Tyler Thompson; #1084 Luke Cummins; #1101  Luke Travestad; #1099 Steve Terkula; #1098 David Terkula; #1094 Taylor Sanders




South Oldham 


  1. Kayla Alsup 
  2. Tony Brackins 
  3. BJ Byar 
  4. Jonah Campbell 
  5. Caleb Chappell 
  6. Keightley Dudgeon 
  7. Leonard Faul 
  8. Alexis Gill
  9. Michael Gray
  10. Felicia Houchins 
  11. Erika Houston 
  12. Roger Johnson 
  13. Yvonne Johnson 
  14. James Law
  15. Keith Menser 
  16. Mallory Nason 
  17. Kami Orrender 
  18. Kassidy Orrender 
  19. Jared Sanford
  20. Steven Saxey
  21. Hannah Schmidt 
  22. Megan Sherwood 
  23. Mike Thompson 
  24. Darion Todd 
  25. Tino Velez 
  26. McKenna Webb 
  27. Grace Whitworth


#23 Girls 4x400 Meter Relay

#568 Felicia Houchins; #575 Megan Sherwood; #570 Yvonne Johnson; #567 Alexis Gill #569 Erika Houston; #574 Hannah Schmidt; #576 McKenna Webb


#1 Girls 4x800 Meter Relay 

#566 Keightley Dudgeon; #572 Kami Orrender; #575 Megan Sherwood; #577 Grace Whitwor #565 Kayla Alsup; #573 Kassidy Orrender; #574 Hannah Schmidt


#12 Boys 4x100 Meter Relay 

#1183 Michael Gray; #1190 Darion Todd; #1189 Mike Thompson; #1178 Tony Brackins #1179 BJ Byar; #1184 Roger Johnson; #1191 Tino Velez


#2 Boys 4x800 Meter Relay 

#1181 Caleb Chappell; #1182 Leonard Faul; #1185 James Law; #1188 Steven Saxey #1187 Jared Sanford; #1186 Keith Menser; #1180 Jonah Campbell