Litter pick up program a success

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The Litter Abatement Program was fully funded by the State of Kentucky through the Kentucky Department of Transportation.

Oldham County received $70,020.71 for calendar year 2013. Oldham County hires non-profit groups based only in Oldham County to pick up litter along the community’s roadsides. They are paid a specific stipend if they collect all litter but can receive a higher stipend if they segregate recyclables (aluminum cans, whole glass bottles, and plastic bottles) from the litter into separate, marked bags.

Education is a component of this program in the hope that it brings awareness to the problem of littering and changes behavioral patters.

Oldham County had 39 non-profit groups participate in 2013 and 392.9 road miles were cleaned. The number of trash bags collected was 1,480 and 701 bags were recyclables for a total of 2,181 bags.

Of the amount ($70,020.71) allotted to the County, $66,608.50 or 95% was paid to the non-profit groups within our community.

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