Letters from the Jan. 20 edition

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By The Staff

House for sale to school board only
To the editor:
I am interested in selling my home, however, I only want to sell to the  Oldham County Board of Education since they are willing to buy property at three times the appraisal cost.  
They can give me a call anytime.
R. Berry Hampton
La Grange

Six new magistrates aren’t enough
To the editor:
The old guard did such a good job (in their minds) they were almost totally replaced.  
We only missed one seat that needed to be replaced as well.
Chuck Kimberl

School board members deserve recognition
To the editor:
In difficult economic times like these, a community’s elected officials face incredible challenges.  Often, they are required to make choices and decisions that they never dreamed they might face when agreeing to offer themselves up for public service.  
It’s called being a leader, and our community is fortunate to have five such individuals on the Oldham County Board of Education.
Kentucky’s January observation of School Board Member Recognition Month provides a perfect opportunity to honor the contributions being made daily by Joyce Fletcher, Walt Schumm, Larry Dodson, Jennifer Jones and Kevin Woosley.
Serving on a local school board has always been more than what the public sees:  meetings once, twice or sometimes more than twice a month and occasional tough issues such as the school year calendar, dress codes or drug testing and attendance boundaries. But beyond that, our board members play a very real role in moving our schools and our students forward toward the goal of proficiency (and beyond) in achievement within the next five years.
They help spread the word about the individual as well as the collective successes of our students and our professional staff.
And this year they will face perhaps the greatest test of their leadership as we work to ensure that tight financial situations don’t translate into a step backward in the learning development of our students.
Yes, these are tough times and this community is fortunate to have a team of dedicated men and women on the Oldham County Board of Education who are champions both of fiscal responsibility and community progress.
For these and many other reasons, they deserve our support and appreciation during School Board Recognition Month.  When you see these individuals out in the community, I encourage you to stop and thank them for their willingness to serve the young people of our community.
Paul Upchurch
Superintendent, Oldham County Schools