Letters to the Editor Sept. 4

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Upset at Goshen mayor

Just a review, I’m a 29-year (fairly-active-in–schools-and-county-management) resident of Oldham/Prospect and I read. Evidently, the City of Goshen Mayor and cohorts passed an amendment to the leash law to include leashing cats? Even this non-roaming cats’ fan found this idea strange. We once tried to put a leash on our small parrot to get it sunshine – it didn’t go well!

The Era legally printed the new law, its relatively unenforceable intent to “reduce the number of cats running free,” and, well,… it went online and open to public criticism! The mayor has since stomped his feet loudly, responded by removing the Era from the city’s newsletter (which alerts to special meetings, community concerns and events), basically placing his city’s residents in a cloak of darkness when it comes to the media (answering none of their calls or questions). I say, mayor – that will show our local beacon of transparency and community enjoyment reveler – the Era ­— who is the real boss, and, I’m immediately renewing my subscription and have riled a couple of neighbors to do the same!

I realize it shouldn’t be my business as a Prospect resident, but Goshenites, unite against this disservice named Mayor Bobby Thacker. It stands to not only hurt you, but all the voters in Oldham’s larger community. If he won’t invite the media – you call them. If he won’t answer their questions – as residents, ask “their” questions. If he won’t resign his autocracy – remove him. Wonder what else he’s hidden from the media and you guys? My three sons grew up in the Goshen/North Oldham schools, we played at Creasey-Mahan and enjoyed the library, etc.The rest of Oldham is disgusted and in the pitch black, too, that you let him continue to govern?

Maureen King


Goshen commissioner responds

Regarding your editorial discussing the differences of opinion between yourself and the Mayor of Goshen, I am amazed that you seem to have purposefully missed key facts in the Mayor’s response to you and other media sources. Aside from the language disagreements or whether or not anyone was misquoted, what you missed is the fact that many other cities in both Kentucky and across the USA have the same or similar wording in their animal control ordinances or codes regarding cats. Why did you feel so compelled to hold Goshen up for ridicule? Mayor Thacker pointed out that Louisville, Pewee Valley and hosts of other cities have the same or extremely similar wording about controlling cats as well as dogs. He brought several copies of other laws from across the state but your reporter and now you never brought that up or reviewed other laws. Why in all the time bloviating and finger-pointing and now name-calling have you not pointed out that fact? Are you too busy trying to keep a fight running in the paper? Are you trying to give our great community a bad name? Or maybe you are just too lazy to do your job and report that what the city has done is well within the day-to-day commonality of life in a civilized community? That would in fact kind of make your original story look ridiculous for making such a big deal out of it, wouldn’t it?

And as far as your use of the word “tirade”…is that what you will now call it anytime someone dares step on your feelings and calls out your lack of reporting skills? I found the Mayor’s opening comments to be fair, calm, well thought out and in complete control. Again, you are using poor language to describe what happened and how it was presented. You also never pointed out that all the negative comments the city has received came from people that don’t live in the city. We have heard from several actual residents that have called and thanked us for doing this and attract attention to the problem cats can produce.

Lastly, I find it hysterical that it takes the “cats on a leash” story to actually get an Oldham Era reporter out to a City Council meeting. Your paper has literally gone years without sending anyone to a meeting. We’ve passed balanced budgets without tax increases, sponsoring scholarships, building new entrance walls, funding community events, paving and repairing our streets with little to no coverage by your paper for several years now. And you choose now to make yourself known again? I’m sorry, you may say Mayor Thacker wants to take his ball and go home when the fact is you haven’t even been on the playground for many years now. Do your job, report all things, not just the ones you can pick a fight over. I remember a time when the Era would actually send someone to a meeting and wasn’t afraid to ask a question after a meeting or (dare I even say) call and follow up on something maybe they didn’t understand or want to get a quote right. Unlike you, however, I’m not going to go around and tell you or your crack team how to do their job…that would be very unprofessional of me, wouldn’t it?

In closing, I would like to say that I was Mayor of Goshen for 10 years and at no time do I feel anything but glad that Mr. Thacker has taken over the reins to the city. He has done a lot of great things in his first term, which is why no one chose to run against him this election cycle. He is a great asset to the community and is doing a great job for us in the city and the surrounding area. You can have your opinion of him but everyone I know in Goshen would rather have him as Mayor than an over-stuffed bag of fluff that knows how to “handle the media.” I hate to tell you, but in the light of public opinion around here, the Era is going to lose this battle. We honestly don’t care if you score points with the citizens of La Grange, Cardinal Harbor or even Louisville, as the voters of Goshen are happy with the mayor, the job he is doing and his reply (or lack there of) to you. We’ve actually done just fine the last three or four years here not talking to the Era. Why should it change now simply because you came knocking again? Seems kind of selfish and one-sided to me. And regarding your “eviction” comment, I hate to do the investigation for you but the City’s website, cityofgoshen.com, is free and open to the public and is the location to find all news, meetings, events and newsletters. We have nothing to hide and keep the website updated almost daily. Do I need to come and type the URL address into your web browser to help you find it?

Todd Hall

Acting Commissioner

Former Mayor

City of Goshen

No school

tax increase

It seems Superintendent Wells has found something…that raising tax on people for salaries is necessary. What is necessary is that the people demand an audit of school spending and fund spending by the state as did in Jefferson County so people can truly decide and see where the money goes. If this isn’t done and the board votes to raise taxes, people vote the board member out when their term is up and do not forget. At least we need to be heard and not told what is needed. If anyone knows how to get a state audit for the school board, let’s do it. There is too much money going to the wrong people. It seems everyone has an assistant who is drawing a good salary. Let’s get together and demand Wells to ask the state to audit the school board so we can truly see where the tax money goes and to whom. Maybe the Oldham Era could ask.

Bob Thompson


Trip rewarding

When you think of going on a mission trip, your first thoughts concern what you have to give, what a blessing your coming will be to those less fortunate than yourself. We live in such a privileged country, it never occurs to us that we are the ones in need of blessing, that maybe those less fortunate have something more to teach and to give than we ever could.

On July 11 – 18, our congregation at Salt and Light Baptist in Crestwood raised funds for four of our members to go on a mission trip to the Orfanatorio Emanuel in Tijuana, Mexico. Set high on a hill less than an hour from the border, this orphanage houses children from many diverse situations. Very few are actually orphans. Most are children removed from their homes by the courts due to abuse, neglect or abandonment.

While the court sends the children to the orphanage, they provide no financial assistance. The orphanage survives on donations from organizations such as Christ for the City.

Christ for the City is the organization we partnered with for our trip. Through them, we were joined by volunteers from Texas and New Jersey. In the week we were there, we assisted two local churches with Vacation Bible Schools, hosted a Vacation Bible School at the orphanage, shared daily devotions with the children, distributed food and shared the gospel with the poorest of the poor, in short, we shared the love of Christ with everyone we met. We found, in doing so, children with open hearts and hands, people who truly appreciate everything they are given, incredible blessings and lessons in humility and the joys of service in the only cause worth serving ­— furtherance of the kingdom of God.

We, in all our privilege so often lose sight of the beauty and power of God’s Word, the only thing we really need. That simple truth so often gets lost in all the things we are told to want. There is blessing in poverty, in that it does illuminate what is truly important.

Justin Walker

Salt and Light Baptist Church