Letters to the Editor May 8

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Sign defacing

It’s election time and political signs are being installed around the county and . . . the jerks are back. Who are these creeps? They are the ones who deface, pull-out and steal the signs.

While having personally experienced the hoodlums in the past, it was disappointing to have seen two of Judge-Executive Voegele’s signs defaced. Since the vandals sneak around in darkness, like thieves in the night, only the result of their actions are seen.

However, it is hoped that anyone seeing the punks in action report them to local authorities.

Don Helton

Pewee Valley

Support Sparks

Although I do not live in J.D. Sparks’ district, I have watched him grow as a magistrate over the past few years.

He has taken giant steps with his immeasurable curiosity, refreshing integrity in these days of rampant greed and I wish to say thank you to him for all he has done to date, and hopefully all he will continue to do for all citizens of Oldham County.


Judy Lococo

Support Winters

As many of you know, I am retiring at the end of this term with 21 years in the PVA Office, 12 years as PVA.

My office is charged with accurately assessing every parcel of real estate in Oldham County for tax purposes. Funds generated from these assessments are used to support schools, fire departments, etc.

This very important job requires a person who is experienced and qualified in valuating real estate in Oldham County in today’s market.

Therefore, I am asking for your support and vote for my Chief Deputy Barbara Winters. Barbara has worked in the PVA office for over nine years and has been my Chief Deputy for seven years. She has her Certified Residential Appraisers license as well as her Certified Residential Assessors and Senior Kentucky Assessors Designations, both awarded by the Kentucky Department of Revenue. She also has over 600 educational hours in real estate valuation and how to run the PVA office.

In this very important race, she is the only experienced and truly qualified candidate.

So May 20, vote for Barbara Winters.

Ron Winters


Constable Response

Without waiting for The Oldham Era to publish candidate profiles in its special section on May 13, columnist Mike DiGiuro has forged ahead in making his “endorsements.”

As a candidate for Constable in District 8, I take exception to his declaration that, “Constables add nothing to Oldham County.” If anyone presumes that statement is true, it may only be because some previously elected to this office in Oldham County have chosen to do nothing. He further postulates that Constables “pose a very real financial liability to the county.”

ALL county employees and elected constitutional officers pose a very real financial liability to the county if they abuse their authority or neglect their duties. DiGiuro offers no facts to back up this statement and I would welcome an historical comparison of claims and lawsuits made against the sheriff’s department, county police department, county jail, and constables to put this statement in a factual context. Such liability can potentially arise from the actions (or inaction) of other department superintendents, school bus drivers and bus monitors as recently reported in The Oldham Era.

The Kentucky Legislature has, on numerous occasions, contemplated amending the Kentucky State Constitution to abolish or restrict the duties of Constable. As recently as this year, such an effort died in committee because Constables are considered a useful resource in many of Kentucky’s 120 counties.

DiGiuro’s comment that an Oldham County resident making more money in private security is of no benefit to Oldham County demonstrates an ignorance of basic economics. Every additional dollar earned and spent by each and every Oldham County resident circulates within the community to stimulate economic growth throughout our area.

Perhaps his most ignorant recommendation is that people “not vote for anyone for Constable.” How would that eliminate the office he holds in such disdain? Others have called for election boycotts in the past and indeed many people do not vote because they are disgusted with the sorry state of affairs at many levels of government.

I recently heard a radio commentator urge everyone to vote against anyone currently holding office in the latest attempt to “throw the bums out!” However, I must believe that intelligently exercising our right to vote is still the best way. Study the voter guides and candidate profiles carefully and make the better selection.

Barry L. Wilding

Candidate for Constable

District 8