Letters to the Editor May 1

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Support Bednarski

I have known Jon for several years as a business man and served with him as a founding Board Member of the Oldham County Community Foundation. Jon understands the concerns of business owners in Oldham County and will be a great asset to Oldham County Fiscal Court as a Magistrate. Jon also understands the many needs in our county by having served on our Community Foundation Board and having lived here for over 28 years.

Jon will be a great “voice for the people” in District 3 and across our entire county as a Magistrate. In dealing with Jon, you can expect the utmost integrity and honesty. Jon will listen to the concerns of his constituents in District 3 and across the county to bring those items to Fiscal Court.

Much of our county is made up of farmland, cattle and horse farms. Jon’s involvement and leadership in farming and conservation will serve all of Oldham County in this area. Jon will be the best steward of our natural resources and lead Fiscal Court with areas of concern for agriculture and conservation. We need Jon Bednarski as a Magistrate serving Oldham County because of his business knowledge, farming, agriculture and conservation leadership abilities.

Lambert Franklin

President, Oldham County On-Line

Support Sparks

As a resident of Oldham County for 27 years I want to say that I am very happy with the work of the current administration, and specifically our magistrate, JD Sparks. I am happy with the new projects in the area. I know that many projects that had been on the drawing board for decades were finally addressed and are moving along. I am excited to hear that the connection between Old Henry and the Gene Snyder has finally moved forward and will be built in 2016. It will really relieve the anxiety of getting to the highway for many in the southern part of the county. I want to say that I am proud of our magistrate, JD Sparks, and his efforts to represent us in the county. His dedication and hard work show through in his efforts to make this a better place to live. Please join me in voting to re-elect him as our 5th District Magistrate.


Katie Rixman


Winters responds

There seems to be a great debate concerning the property in which I live and what the actual assessment is. This really does not surprise me since the person relaying this information is my opponent. When you only give half the story it is very easy to make the wrong assumption. It has been said over and over that the land value of the 12.7 acres is $4,000, when infact it is $178,000.00. This owner of this property applied for and was approved for the Agricultural Exemption 2011 by the current PVA Ron Winters.

By the way, the previous owner also had the Agricultural Exemption for many years prior to 2011. The of the improvements have also been questioned. The current PVA Ron Winters did a physical inspection of this property and stands by his assessment. You see it is easy to make the wrong assumption when you don’t look at all the facts. Is my opponent just misimformed? I don’t know. When all you have to talk about is what you think someone else is doing wrong, are you just trying to hide the fact you don’t have the qualifications for the job? Maybe.

Barbara Winters

Candidate for PVA

Support Harrison

I moved to Oldham County in 2002. That was also election year for the same offices we are holding elections for this year. During that year there was a challenge for the PVA. Mr. Ron Winters won the seat and was reelected in 2006 and 2010.

Following his election and subsequent acceptance of the position, Mr. Winters hired his now ex-wife to be his deputy. She is now running for the seat as Oldham County PVA.

In 2002, I also became aware of one of this year’s nominees for Oldham County PVA, J. Albert Harrison. Over and over I heard about Mr. Harrison. In nearly every story, I heard of Albert’s absolute insistence on being personally precise and almost always, to some people’s chagrin, correct in his understanding of the laws that affected the subject at hand. This non-corruptible attitude displayed itself many times as Mr. Harrison served as the elected County Surveyor and then on the Oldham County Planning Commission.

Over the years, as a REALTOR, I have come to know Mr. Harrison, personally and professionally. When it comes to understanding all of the factors that affect the value of land in Oldham County, I know of no one with the experience or knowledge to match that understanding on a county-wide basis.

The Kentucky Department of Revenue has an extensive testing procedure to determine if a candidate is capable of serving as the local PVA. Mr. Harrison has certainly proven by objective and subjective standards that he is not only capable, but is the most qualified individual to bring integrity, accuracy, and competence back to the Oldham County PVA.

There is no office in our government where integrity is more important than experience, where accuracy is more important than personality, and respect of the law is of the utmost importance.

If you are an Oldham County Kentucky voter, I encourage you to vote with me for Mr. J. Albert Harrison for PVA.

Tom Cox