Letters to the Editor Jan. 9

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Special election

The Oldham County Clerk’s Office wants to take this opportunity to inform all voters of upcoming special election information.

A special election in Precinct H106 (South Oldham Fire Station) will be held Tues, January 28, 2014, to permit the sale of alcoholic beverages by the drink at Yew Dell Gardens.

For the upcoming election, I would like to remind the voters in this precinct of their responsibility to make sure your address is correct in the Voter Registration Department in the Oldham County Clerk’s Office; and that you know if you are registered in this precinct. If you have any questions, please call 222-0047 before Special Election Day.

Absentee voting will be conducted in the LaGrange office beginning January 9, 2014. Those eligible to vote by machine are voters who shall be absent from the county on Election Day; students temporarily residing outside the county, military, their dependents and overseas citizens; voters or spouses who have surgery scheduled that will require hospitalization on Election Day; precinct elections officers and alternates; members or staff of the County Board of Elections, deputy clerks; women in their last trimester of pregnancy; and individuals or their spouses who experience a medical emergency within 14 days of the elections.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Voter Registration Department at 222-0047 with any questions.

Julie K. Barr

Oldham County Clerk

Light up issues

To the residents of La Grange and visitors who came to see the Christmas display, especially to all the sponsors who made Light Up La Grange even possible.

I owe all of you a big apology; I feel I let you all down: I know that I can’t control the weather or vandals or even the things that just go bad. I just feel some how I should have been more prepared.

Over the 28 years my wife and I have been doing this I have never had so much go wrong. The night of Light Up La Grange the ice storm and power surge knocked out nine of the 31 control boxes that work the lights and displays. Over the next week I was able to fix three of them and get things up and running again, but because I was still six boxes short, I had to figure out how to get power to light up the displays and I had to figure out how to rerun the cat-5 cable (communications cable) that goes to each control box so that they computer can talk to them.

I was able to figure everything out and fix some of the display items that went bad. Then we had vandals hit Monday night, Dec. 16, it took me two to three days to repair the damage they did that night. Plus they damaged four more control boxes.

Then Saturday and Sunday night we got the winds, and damage to the big Christmas tree was extensive.

My wife and I worked Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to get that back up and working.

There has been damage to the tree lights, bush lights, wire frames and display lights. About the time we would get everything working, something else would go wrong; it seems like last year we couldn’t win for losing.

When you have so much go wrong it is very disheartening. My wife and I work for ten months trying to make each year’s display bigger and better. Our main goal is to bring joy and some Christmas spirit to everyone and to see so much go wrong was very hard on us. The night of Light Up La Grange we know everyone was disappointed when nothing worked, the sad thing is everything worked the night before the freezing weather. Your disappointment was nothing compared to the disappointment and frustration we felt and are feeling. So the best we could do this year was turn the lights on.

Again we are so sorry, thank you for your support and understanding.

Mike and Vonnie Glover

Light up response

Discover Downtown La Grange wishes to thank everyone involved in Light Up La Grange 2013. So many people worked so hard: Mike and Vonnie Glover and their devoted work crew, Bill and Patti Schneider, Light Up La Grange Committee members, La Grange Fire and Rescue, La Grange Police, Public Works, the Mayor and many other City of La Grange employees, merchants and sponsors of Light Up La Grange, and more. This list goes on and on. We’re grateful for you!

Some years, weather and technology challenges occur. It’s just the way it is. Devoted volunteers worked around the clock to keep things going despite the difficulties. What a great example of community spirit.

Thank you, thank you. It’s a blessing to work with such wonderful people.

Nancy Griffin, Executive Director, Discover Downtown La Grange