Letters to the Editor Feb. 6

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Mayor says thanks

I just wanted to extend my and the community’s sincere thanks and gratitude to Marion and Sue, aka The Can Ladies, for the service they do for our City. They have also made the first donation to the construction of La Grange’s children’s splash park. With this donation and what I know will be the generosity of this community we will someday have a class children’s water park we can all be proud of. I am always grateful for the kindness and generosity of the people who make our community a little stronger and more humane for everyone. Thanks again Marion and Sue. You are a shining example to all of us.


Mayor Bill Lammlein

La Grange

Opposing cell tower

As a citizen of Pewee Valley, and a homeowner in the Ashwood Historic District, I would like to state my opposition to the proposed construction of a wireless telecommunications tower at 209 Lagrange Road in historic Pewee Valley.

Surely this is a case where a few believe that their monetary gains should offset the inconvenience and the loss of quality of life of the many. The thought that the FMHC Corporation should be allowed to destroy the tree filled skyline of this quiet community for their financial benefit is absurd and violates the very spirit that citizens should be allowed to control the local flavor and destiny of their community.

The residents of Pewee Valley could live in any of the number of new subdivisions being planted throughout Oldham and Jefferson counties, however they choose to live in this small town in many cases because of some of the “amenities” that we do not have here: amenities such as traffic lights, super-sized stores, large parking lots, cookie cutter homes, treeless lots and neighbors whose houses sit right on top of ours.

Our citizens choose to live here for the remnants of small town life that many of us cling to: The ability to walk through our neighborhood to attend the Town Festivals or a play at the Little Colonel Theatre, the gift of a summer’s evening stroll spent listening to the cicadas or admiring the stately older homes and the pride that our neighbors have put into them, the feeling of “hometown” that comes as you enter into the town limits, driving past the Pewee Valley welcome signs. We appreciate our town as it is and we believe that it is only reasonable that we the citizens, together with our locally elected officials, control the appearance and the character of this slice of Kentucky.

The proposed tower will be an eyesore that is probably already outdated technologically. More and more communication companies are investing in the future and working with their local municipalities. Distributed Antenna Systems, Microcell Towers and Building Antenna are all viable options that can provide cell phone coverage without the need for the large obtrusive tower. Other options include piggybacking these new antennae on the Louisville Water Company water tower on KY 146 or placing them on top of other local towers, all of which provide coverage without requiring a new structure. This FMHC proposed tower is simply a cheap and dirty solution that totally disregards the local sentiment, town character and historic nature of Pewee Valley.

We believe that the minor inconvenience of less than perfect coverage is easily offset by the appearance, the flavor and the privilege of living in this small town that reflects our history and mirrors our appreciation for the quaint charm that is Pewee Valley. Please fight this proposed eyesore on behalf of all of the constituents of our town.

Michael and Betty Beyerle

Pewee Valley