Letters to the Editor Dec. 19

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Upset with school taxes

In the letter 12/12 to the editor, Mr. Maggio seems to think that Oldham school taxes are fair, far from it.

It is not easy as a senior citizen living on social security. Of my annual social security, one month of my income is consumed by the Oldham County school tax, not to mention tax on the water and phone bills.

As a senior citizen with no children attending our fine Oldham County schools, I feel as though senior citizens should get a sizable discount. The fact that the school board can raise our school tax four percent per year without public opinion, concerns me.

Why not look at reducing the administration expenses: one administrator for the three high schools, one assistant administrator at each high school and reduce the number of counselors (OCHS has six, why).

I agree with Mr. Kimberl, they are charging “thieving amounts” to senior citizens looking to survive on social security.

Earl Lord

La Grange

Miracle on Fourth Street

I was recently experiencing headaches, wanting to sleep all the time, nausea and balancing problems. I had an MRI done which indicated I’d had several mini strokes. I thought, ok, problem solved! Not so!

Symptoms continued to get worse. I decided to call LGE hot line to check the house for gas or carbon monoxide leaks. Bingo!! I had five leaks under my house

God had to be watching over this house and me. It is only by the grace of God that my house is still standing and I was able to spend Thanksgiving holidays with my family. This can only be a miracle form God!!

Linda Miller-Waits La Grange