Letters to the Editor August 21

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Two stories

Two weeks ago I read in The Oldham Era that the school Superintendent could not manage and needed another increase in taxes. School systems seem to have a hard time finding capable managers. The next time you have an increase in expenses just go to your boss and tell him/her that you are just going to have to start taking from the company. It works for the school superintendent.

Last week I read that Mayor Lammlein is under fire for doing his job. My wife and I had been taking our dog to Wilborn Park for walks for the last ten years. The park is nice and beautiful and well maintained, except for the bird droppings. Things got so filthy that we had to stop going. After a walk we would have to clean our shoes and the dog’s paws before we could get back in the vehicle. People could not picnic due to the unsanitary conditions. Several times I contacted the mayor’s office.

I doubt if most people complaining even tried to enjoy the park, but they like to criticize solutions. Animals go to where they can get food. The mayor posted signs all over the park asking people not to feed the geese. Some people tore down some of the signs and even had the nerve to tell us that they knew the mayor personally and had permission to feed the geese. The fault lies with them!

I have a solution. Put up strobe lights to run the geese off. Ask PETA and the ones who complained about shooting the geese to pay for the cost. Then fine the heck out of people who feed the geese and ducks. If you don’t use the park and you like filth then I understand your complaints.

Two stories…one inept manager and one criticized for doing his job.

Tom White

La Grange

Thanks to Sparrow

We send our heartfelt thanks to Oldham County Sheriff Steve Sparrow and the Oldham County Sheriff’s Office for hosting the 35th Annual Oldham County Charity Golf Scramble to benefit the Kentucky Sheriffs’ Boys & Girls Ranch on Friday, July 18. Your support of this event ensures we continue to reach Kentucky’s youth in a positive manner.

We also send a special thank you to all those playing in the tournament, and those sponsoring holes and donating gifts and prizes. Your support in this way is greatly appreciated and directly benefits the campers. The tournament was a huge success because you helped make it happen.

The Ranch provides a week long camp experience to boys and girls between the ages of eight and eleven from throughout Kentucky who could not otherwise afford to go to camp. We strive to redirect the lives of these children, to build their self-esteem, moral character and teach them to have respect for themselves, others and law enforcement professionals.

For more information about the camping program, feel free to contact us at 270-362-8660, Thanks again for an outstanding event! We look forward to seeing everyone at next year’s tournament!

Jerry Wagner

Executive Director