Letters to the editor

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By The Staff

 Co-worker impressed with Voegele’s campaign

To the editor: As the treasurer for David Voegele’s election campaign, I would like to share some thoughts. I have known and worked closely with him for nearly 14 years.  First, Dave ran a great campaign. While most candidates fall back on the same old “poli-talk” (a word I made up), ‘a balanced budget, lower taxes, and I will work for you’, etc, he left that old approach behind and told the voters what he was really thinking and what he plans to do.  This is not unusual. In our office, we know Dave is straightforward with difficult facts, but yet creative in coming up with new ideas and fresh messages.  And, just as he does in our office, Dave’s complete honesty, work ethic and strong moral values continued to shine through. He is someone who cares for people and will always make the extra effort. I am sure he will be the same person as judge-executive.  Another impression I have from the campaign is how friendly and positive the people of Oldham County are. It helped me really realize what a great place this is to live and raise a family. As soon as Dave’s campaign began, our phones started ringing and did not stop until the campaign was over. People stopped by with donations, asked for yard signs and came by to ask questions. Many just came in to visit and wish Dave good luck.  The people in our office had been hearing from Dave how much he enjoyed being on the street corners many mornings and afternoons, waving and talking with residents. What we didn’t know was how much fun he was having until the afternoon before the election, when we joined him.   As Dave, Ken Stoess, and myself, along with a couple of others, stood along Highway 146 in Pewee Valley waving at the traffic, car after car passed, honking and giving us a “thumbs up.” It was great fun and I knew then from the reaction we were getting that Dave was going to win. It was unbelievable.  Later this year, David Voegele will be moving from our office in Crestwood to another in La Grange. Although we will be sorry to see him go, I am optimistic and excited about the new direction our county is taking.  Steve Nethery Crestwood   Travelers impressed with community’s kindness While traveling this past holiday weekend to a baseball tournament, my family and I had the unfortunate situation of witnessing an accident at the Kroger shopping center.  Somewhere in the chaos that followed, I lost my wallet. I didn’t realize this until an hour or so later. We placed a call to the Applebee’s, where we were going to eat, and upon my arrival back to the scene, they were looking for it.  We wanted to thank them for their efforts. We are also thankful to the lady in the Kroger gas station who did the same upon my arrival. Although we had no luck, your efforts are appreciated. We would also like to thank the gentleman who offered money to us for our trip home. This was very considerate, and your concern and caring will stay with me a lifetime. The only name that I have is the one of the lady who fortunately stumbled across my wallet at the intersection. Ingrid Coyle is her name. What a gracious soul.  We received her name from the Oldham County Police Department. When we arrived back home, she had left a message asking us to call her. Ms. Coyle, you are my favorite “step mom,” per your words. Thank you for being a kind person. I wish we would have had the opportunity to meet you personally.  You can’t imagine the headaches that would have ensued, had you not done what you did. If anyone knows this special lady, give her a hug, pat on the back or hand shake, to thank her personally for me. On another note, we would like to say how responsive the local police and EMS departments were. You guys and gals were on scene in no time. Your hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed. We would also like to extend our prayers and sympathies to the families involved in the accident. We will have you all in our thoughts. Garyn Waits Lynchburg, Ohio