Letters to the Editor

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By The Staff

Court should dissolve airport board

To the editor:

Since Oldham County is terribly in debt and the county has recently raised our taxes to offset that debt, I find this continued pursuit of an airport to the detriment of our county and our residents. I attended the November 2007 meeting at the John Black Community Center, and there were so many people there I had to park beyond the paved area, beyond the gravel area and finally in the grass on a steep hillside. There was standing-room only inside the building, so I think this is a good representation of the opinion of the people of Oldham County. People who spoke at the meeting seemed very angry. I imagine they felt, as I do, that this airport is being forced upon the taxpayers so that a few elite individuals could have a toy at the expense of the average resident who could be forced to fund it. 

It is proven that airports are not self-supporting, and in addition, they bring noise, air pollution and great danger as planes crash each year into homes and kill people. Why should the people of  Oldham County  be subjected to all that for the luxury of a few?

The $10,000 allocated for the survey to determine how the people of Oldham County feel about the airport is a total waste in my opinion since everyone who cares to state an opinion has ample opportunity to do so, and this money could have been spent for more important issues facing the county. As far as an airport bringing more businesses to Oldham County, I believe the public opinion expressed by Congress and the country regarding the CEOs flying into Washington DC to ask for bailout money from the taxpayers says it all. We are tired of the arrogance of the airport board and the pursuit of this project, and since the people have  already spoken out against the airport we are beginning to look ridiculous. I hope fiscal court puts an end to the airport board and the ensuing debt it could initiate.

Barbara Ann Lackore, La Grange


Substitute teacher is proud of Oldham schools

To the editor:

Since 2006 it has been my privilege to be employed as a substitute teacher in the Oldham County school district.  What have I learned?  That the students in Oldham County are exceptional!   

Why is this?   I believe it’s from the spirit of our community.  The collective synergy from parents, teachers and administrators create this unique environment.  There seems to be a strong parental connection and family unity enhancing our continued scholastic success.  Parents provide incredible support.  The teachers care deeply, work extremely hard and value the students.  The time and effort they put in every single day (and night) to ensure the students in Oldham County are in an exceptional learning environment is highly commendable.  The administrators of the schools are a dynamic group and are doing an amazing job.  They set high standards and bring an atmosphere of excellence through their leadership. 

Is it a perfect system?  No.  But I know from first-hand experience that Oldham County can be proud of our communal education system.  The end result of this team effort is that our students are developing academically and becoming good citizens.

Dan Sharrard, La Grange


How would Oldham County benefit from a general aviation airport?

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