Letters to the Editor

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By The Staff

It is a wonderful life

To the editor:

Friday the  fifth was Light up LaGrange...

It had a theme and I thought that was strange.

Right down the pike in Old Louisville...

They were told to desist on the use of “Who-ville.”

La Grange was transferred to old Bedford Falls...

With Murner as Bailey to welcome us all.

Spelling Entertainment I hear had the rights...

And could have put on a damper and doused our towns lights.

I’m happy they missed it, and did not make us blue...

And the bell rang for La Grange like it did for Zuzu.

Marcus M. Shaw, La Grange

Star Quality Pets has “star quality” staff

To the editor:

I recently had to board my dog, Mickey, in a very last-minute situation. I was worried because he had never been boarded and was a year-old, rambunctious beagle mix. 

A friend recommended Star Quality Pets in Prospect. Am I glad he did! I truly believe that “Aunt Marguerite” Norton and her staff loved Mickey like he was their own. 

He made new friends at doggie day care, he went on extra walks and I think someone slipped him a few extra treats. 

Every time I called to check on him, I got a detailed report from obviously loving caretakers. It can be hard to leave your dog, even for a few days. It’s great to know there are people nearby you can trust with your furry best friend. 

“Star Quality” may refer to the pets but it applies to the staff as well.

Jan Winter