Letters to the Editor

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By The Staff

Ironman athletes worth celebrating

To the editor:

The Ironman – an inconvenience? 

We ought to be celebrating these athletes! What an accomplishment! Swimming, biking and running for 8 to 16 hours or more. Anybody who does that is remarkable in my book.                                     

We are inconvenienced every day. School buses, mail delivery vehicles, UPS trucks, garbage trucks, tractors, slow drivers, etc.                   

I’ve volunteered at this event and see what these athletes go through.    

So celebrate and appreciate what these athletes are doing. 

Dan Burress, Prospect   

Refreshed paint makes Main Street safer

To the editor:

I’d like to thank the La Grange Public Works Department for the work they have recently done in re-painting the parking stripes in downtown. 

I’d especially like to thank them for renewing the paint at the handicapped parking spaces at the courthouse and along Main Street. They also did a good job at the sidewalk ramps (curb cuts) that are intended for those with disabilities. These last two steps help make our city more accessible for the handicapped.

Charles W. McCarrick, Oldham County Constable 

Speed traps on Ky. 393 continue

To the editor:

Well, it was done again. There were two different speed limit signs on Ky. 393 and OCPD was having another field day. Coming from Ky. 22 down Ky. 393, there was a 45 mph sign and about 150 yards ahead there was a 55 mph sign. 

The 55 mph used to be covered up with a piece of plastic but the plastic either fell down or was taken down. This was like this for three weeks. 

With the construction barrels removed and the sign uncovered, drivers were confused with the speed limit. Also coming from I-71 going south on Ky. 393 there isn’t a speed limit sign.

You would think OCPD would notify the Ky. Dept. since they sit on the bottom of the hill in front of the two signs, but that would be helping out the local citizens of Oldham County and it would eliminate this continuing speed trap. 

One year ago coming from I-71 there were 2 different speed limit signs on Ky. 393. This highway was patrolled often by OCPD. And yes, I was caught in this trap last year. 

I went to court and lost in Mayberry due to what seems to be a tight bond with the police department and the justice system.

So after my wife made a phone call, the 45 mph sign was taken down by the highway department and our residents will no longer be baited in this speed trap. 

Eddie Ormerod, Crestwood

Oldham County Day offered fun for all ages

To the editor:

On behalf of the Project Guild of La Grange, I wish to thank the community for their support of Oldham County Day 2009. It was our 39th year to prepare this great event and the record-setting cool temperatures made it fun for all. 

We also appreciate the participation of our law enforcement. This year, the Sheriff’s Office led the parade and provided our main support; however, I wish to thank the La Grange Police and Oldham County Police for their support as well. It takes many people working together to have a safe family day.

To everyone who participated in the parade, had booths, or provided entertainment, we offer our grateful thanks as well. 

We were pleased to honor Brad Clifford as our grand marshal. His humble leadership of North Oldham Little League is an inspiring example to us all.

The people of Oldham County can be very proud of their home. We live in an amazing community. There was plenty of fun and lots of noise on Saturday, yet this wonderful place remains “Quietly Amazing.”

Paige Kelley Weeks, Project Guild of La Grange 

Let cyclists own the road for a day

To the editor:

The Ford Louisville Ironman Triathlon is again coming to Oldham County this year on Aug. 30.  

For many of us this is a great inconvenience as it causes major traffic delays and road closures. 

For many it is an exciting event that lets us showcase the beauty and hospitality of our great county. 

For several non-profits it is a chance to fundraise and for many businesses it is an opportunity for exposure to a national and international audience. 

For 20+ Oldham County tri-athletes it is the end of an unbelievable training season – one that can include 18 hours per week in the July and August heat – but a day filled with pride as they get to compete with the best in the world in their own backyard with family and friends nearby.

However you feel about it, the bottom line is we need to help our local officials make this a safe and accident-free day. 

Police and EMS have been assigned the Herculean task of managing 2,500+ bikers, roadside spectators and a steady flow of traffic complete with semis and horse trailers on 80+ miles of narrow Oldham County roads – the margin for error is slim at best.

Let’s make this a safer and easier day for the police, EMS and racers. 

If you are a local church, please consider rescheduling your service. If you need to run errands, please do so after 5 p.m. or the Saturday before.  

If you must venture out during race time, please be alert, patient and drive slow.  

Remember these are our neighbors, friends, moms, dads, husbands, wives, sons and daughters, and for one day let’s let them own the road.

Ann Zimlich, La Grange