Letters to the editor

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By The Staff

Gish is ‘an investment promising a high-yield’

To the editor:

How encouraging to have Paula Gish running foreeOldham County judge-executive!ee

Her years ineepublic service attest to Paula’seegenuine passioneeto protect and preserve whateemakes our county great.eeInvaluable years of volunteeringeein our public schools,eethen aseemagistrate and deputy judge-executive proveeeher the perfect fit to step into the judge-executive position.eeBob has known Paula since childhood and I, sinceeereturning to Oldham County 20-plus years ago.eeHer personal integrity, strong work ethic andeeauthenticeeprofessionalism should rally alleeRepublicans toeevoteeein her favor.ee

A ballot cast for Paulaeein the May 18 primary is an investmenteepromising high-yield for our community.ee

Bob and Robbie Battoe


Gish has ‘proven

leadership required’ to

be county’s next leader

To the editor:

As the May 18 primary election approaches I am asking the electorate to vote Paula Gish for judge-executive. She is the only candidate with the necessary experience and proven leadership required of Oldham County’s next leader.

Paula started serving this county in our schools as president of three PTAs.eeShe was then elected to fiscal court where she served the people of Goshen and Prospect for 11 years. Now, Paula is serving the entire county as deputy judge-executive.ee

Paula maintains strong working relationships with our elected leaders at both state and federal levels.eeAs field representative for Congressman Geoff Davis, I can personally attest she is devoted to the success of the Oldham Reserve and the future Interstate 71 interchange at mile marker 20.eePaula continues to impress me with her vision for well-planned economic development that will lead to a balanced tax base in the future.

I trust Paula to make sound fiscal investments to improve the quality of life for my family and all Oldham County citizens.

While I’m impressed by Paula’s continued selfless service, her proven leadership and experience, I am most impressed with her Christian values.eeDespite disingenuous personal attacks from her opposition she has continued to run a positive campaign.eeThough difficult at times, Paula has turned the other cheek and run on her own merits instead of responding with revengeful attacks.ee

I hope you will join me in supporting Paula Gish on May 18.ee

McKenzie Combs

La Grange

Fendley has ‘excellent record,’

‘outstanding reputation’

To the editor:

This letter is written to strongly urge the re-election of John Fendley as Oldham County Attorney. John has an excellent record and an outstanding reputation. He has the even-handed, no-nonsense approach to problem solving so necessary to correctly fill this position.

I admire and respect John. He is a man of honor and integrity. He is worthy of our trust and well qualified to serve. It is important that we all vote but, moreover, we need to vote for the best candidate. I sincerely believe the best man for the job is John Fendley.

Bill Eversole


The choice is clear in the

race for county attorney

To the editor:

It is with overwhelming pride and sincere admiration that I write this letter to you on behalf of my father, your county attorney, John Fendley. As we are all aware, he is up for re-election this year and is asking for your continued support. For the past 21 years he has served the county with diligence as a full-time prosecuting attorney, maintaining one of the most effective and efficient county attorney’s offices in the state. His record of accomplishment speaks for itself and is certainly reason enough to keep him in office.

What I would like to do is share with you a bit more about him as an individual beyond his role as a public servant.

John Fendley is a man of integrity and principle whose priorities have always been: service to God, his family and his community. My father is as selfless an individual as I will likely ever know, and he approaches his work with that same attitude of humility. In his personal and professional lives he treats everyone he encounters with the same degree of courtesy and respect no matter the circumstance. He comes from one of Oldham County’s longest-lived and well-respected families with a history of service to the community. In brief, he is a gentleman in every meaning of the word, and someone the county can be proud to have in office.

But politics is politics, and character alone is not enough to keep someone in office. That is why I also ask that the electorate fully evaluate the records of the candidates. John Fendley has a proven record of effective prosecution in district and family court, dedication to collecting child support and delivering sound legal advice to fiscal court. By contrast, his opponent in the upcoming primary has no prosecutorial experience, no experience in Oldham district or family courts and limited criminal law experience at best. What’s more, since losing to John Fendley four years ago, in my view he’s done nothing to acquire any relevant legal experience that would justify his candidacy.

The choice is clear in this race. Oldham County has a county attorney that it can be proud of. And I have the utmost privilege of calling him Dad.

David A. Fendley, MD


eeIt’s time to ‘repave’

county government

To the editor:

After living in Oldham County for more than 25 years I have finally found the time and reason to write to The Oldham Era concerning the state of our government for Oldham County.

In a very important document, it was stated that government was to be “by the people, for the people” yet I continuously see our local fiscal court refuse to listen to those who attempt to communicate with it. They act as if the public comment portion of their meetings is a time for them to set stone-faced and nonresponsive.

Several magistrates (or squires as they like to call themselves) clean their fingernails, drink soft drinks or wipe their hands over their faces in an obvious attempt the show their true feelings about those taking up space at the podium.

The Republican party continues to recycle incumbents into a variety of positions. The chairman of one board moves to be a member of another board, others move from appointed positions to run for magistrate or even county judge-executive.

I think it’s time to “repave” county government with fresh people and fresh ideas, not another group of cronies of the current or previous administration.

Why not propose term limits on magistrates... what do you think their response would be to that idea?

Bob Gilbert

La Grange

County leaders have made tough decisions during a touch economic time

To the editor:

As CEO and founder of Fastline Publications, I was disturbed to hear a candidate attack the investments that this county has made in trying to lower the tax rate of the homeowners by attracting more businesses into our county. It appears he does not understand the principle of borrowing money to purchase land and buildings much like many of us do when we purchase our homes. By his reasoning, it would be almost impossible for any of us to buy a house or start a business. The land the county purchased with this investment has already attracted The Rawlings Co., which is the largest private company employer in the county. ee

If business did not borrow money to grow and improve than they would soon fall behind and fail. It is vital for all of us to realize that the current government has for the first time in several years, balanced the budget. They have made some tough decisions just as many of you have had to do in this trying economic time. The fact is that we need to continue to keep strong leaders that have experience in working with people and legislative bodies to keep our county moving forward.

There is only one candidate that has that kind of experience, and it is Paula Gish. I would encourage all of you that want to see our county move forward and attract good businesses to get out and vote for Paula. She is the only one that has the experience and the leadership to make us proud of being a citizen of Oldham County.

Bill Howard



Clark is dedicated to

helping others

To the editor:

Every four years, we have the opportunity to express our views through the freedom of voting someone into or out of public service. We should take this responsibility seriously. Do your research on each candidate. Don’t simply be swayed by ads touting what they have done – make sure their claims are fact and not just legal jargon that stretches the facts.

Pay attention to personal stories of people regarding the candidate – how was the situation handled? We should expect to be treated with dignity and respect, no matter our age. Our youth, even those in trouble, deserve to be shown respect so they have role models to emulate – perhaps their only one.

One candidate seeking the office of county attorney epitomizes the essence of what a public servant should be. Galen Clark is dedicated to helping others, proven through his involvement with various community groups. He’s not just listed on their rosters, he is actively involved.

Galen is a 2003 graduate of Leadership Oldham County. During “Government Day,” the class was shocked to hear from the current county attorney, Mr. Fendley, that in his opinion, everyone in Oldham County drinks and drives so DUIs aren’t a big deal. Galen mentioned that day that perhaps he should run for this office and I immediately gave him my support.

Mr. Fendley prides himself on collection of back child support payments. The fact of the matter is, the collection of back child support payments is not a mandated county attorney responsibility. It is a separate contract with the state and he is paid an additional salary for this. I believe Galen has a much better focus on how to help families with the additional monies. His vision is to place a percentage of that money into a discretionary fund to be used to help families, not to put into his pocket as another paycheck.

Galen will work with the school district, community and all local law enforcement agencies to implement strategies to invest in youth before they have situations that require them to appear before the courts. Once again, Galen Clark’s focus is on the community and those he can help – not self-serving, but as a servant. I encourage you to investigate each candidate, talk with them and with others who have had personal dealings, but most of all, I encourage you to voice your opinion on May 18.

Kathy Jacobs


Greenwell is one of ‘county’s most outstanding residents’

To the editor:

As a longtime Ballardsville resident and voter, I felt compelled to write this letter of endorsement for the re-election of District 4 Magistrate Steve Greenwell.

Steve’s strong family values and consistent progressive community service has been as asset to our community for decades. His commitment to the residents of Ballardsville and surrounding communities is evidenced by his past service as a volunteer firefighter on the Ballardsville Fire Department from the 1970s to the early 1990s.

As a magistrate, Steve Greenwell has always been honest, compassionate and fiscally responsible. The fact that he personally finances his magisterial campaigns demonstrates this fact. Steve always has the time to listen to the questions and concerns of the residents in his elected district.

Having lived and worked in Oldham County for 50-plus years, I feel like Steve is one of our county’s most outstanding residents.

I would appreciate your consideration in re-electing Steve Greenwell for District 4 Magistrate.

L. David Manley


Gish focuses on what

is best for Oldham County

To the editor:

I would like to share some thoughts about Paula Gish, one of our candidates for county judge-executive. It has been my pleasure to know and work with Paula for more than 20 years. We first met when she was on the PTSA at South Oldham High School, where at that time, I was the principal.

As some readers will remember, the second high school in our county was a very emotional issue. Paula was one of the important leaders in healing separation wounds (OCHS/SOHS) and providing positive leadership in her role as president of that group. Even then it was not about one area of the county versus another, it was about what was best for all of our children. That same attitude of what is best for Oldham County, prevails today in her current position as deputy judge-executive and I know will continue when she becomes county judge-executive. I can attest that to my knowledge, she has always put what is best for the citizens of our community above politics and parties.

Paula and Glen have raised their family in Oldham County.

Paula has always been active as a volunteer in multiple important arenas before serving in any elected office. She is a stakeholder with deep roots that has earned, by her many contributions, the respect and admiration of the citizens of Oldham County. Her record speaks for itself – a tireless worker, a great listener, a proven record of doing what is in the best interest of our community.

I hope you will join me in supporting her in the election for county judge-executive.

Joe McWilliams

Pewee Valley

Addition of WiFi on Main Street was

a team effort

To the editor:

Thank you for the excellent March 25 front page article on free public WiFi in La Grange. While the story mentioned many of the players responsibleeefor implementing this system, I think it is also important to credit OCTANE, the Oldham County Technology Advancement Network Enterprise group and Norman Shippert of Bluegrass.net who subsidized the installation.

This group continues to provide computer instruction, classroom training, speakers for schools and businesseseeand a continuing desire to expand access to technology in our county.

I think they deserve our support and thanks.

Jim Miller


Gish is held in high

respect by local,

regional, state and national leaders

To the editor:

On May 18, the next four years of Oldham County government will virtually be decided by the results of the Republican primary elections. This occurs because almost all the elective offices in county government have no Democratic or Independent candidates filed for the general election in November. Therefore those registered to vote in the Republican primary on May 18 will determine our near-term future in county government.

I strongly urge a vote for Paula Gish as judge-executive. I was delighted when she accepted my invitation to serve as deputy judge-executive for our term in office even though it meant relinquishing her role as magistrate, to which she had been elected four times.

As second-in-command, Paula has been an enormous help in achieving a financial turn-around for our county that has put us on solid ground to begin to implement those capital improvements, which will protect and preserve what makes Oldham County great. We have had to make some difficult decisions and I have relied heavily on her wise counsel in making them. Chief among Paula’s assets is the respect in which she is held by the local, regional, state and national leaders with whom we interact on an almost daily basis. There is nothing more important to the role of judge-executive than these relationships which so critically affect us. She is known, admired, and respected by all the players.

Paula has great experience and she will be great for Oldham County.

Duane Murner

Oldham County


Lammlein is a

‘pragmatist with little patience’ for drama

To the editor:

I write in support of Bill Lammlein for mayor of the city of La Grange. Bill is a results-oriented player.

Although he has never held elected office before, he has a long and distinguished record of public service.

Bill worked for over a year designing and overseeing the refurbishment of the Louise Head family home, transforming it into one of the finest local historical museums in Kentucky. Our current La Grange city government would benefit greatly from similar refurbishment.

Bill’s efforts contributed to the creation of the nationally recognized La Grange Historical District. This program has increased home values locally and it has also offered a measure of protection against falling property values as a result of the current economic downturn.

Bill is a long-time Main Street business owner. He sits on the board of directors for “Discover Downtown La Grange,” which brings tourism dollars to local shopkeepers and benefits our local economy. As both a successful businessman and a preservationist, Bill will strike the right balance between developing new business opportunities while protecting La Grange’s unique, “small-town” character.

A resident of La Grange for 35 years, Bill is a pragmatist with little patience for “drama.” Anyone who talks with him knows exactly where he stands on the issues. His experience and integrity make him the best candidate to solve La Grange’s current challenges and lead us into the future. It may take some getting used to, but it will be a welcome change over the next four years to read about what is being accomplished by city government rather than reading what is not. City government clearly does not function when the mayor’s office and city council cannot or will not communicate with each other. Bill Lammlein will repair that dysfunctional relationship, unify city government, and put government back to work for the people.

Bill is one of the most honest men I know which, sadly, is an issue that must be considered in the upcoming election. I have known Bill for almost 20 years and I have never once had a reason to question the truthfulness of anything he has said to me.

If you are looking for which candidate will “get things done,” who will run city government in a way that is open, transparent and accessible to all, then you are voting for Bill Lammlein.

Maxwell Shannon

La Grange

Voegele is an excellent leader

To the editor:

Our brother-in-law, David Voegele, is a Republican candidate for Oldham County judge-executive. If elected, his primary goals for the county will be to enhance fiscal responsibility, to provide the best possible service to all residents of Oldham County and to protect the incredible quality of life that Oldham County represents. David also believes in having an open line of communication between all county employees and all citizens of the county. While the judge-executive is the leader, success in managing government services must be a team effort among the magistrates, county employees and the judge-executive. David’s actions as a current Oldham County magistrate have proven that he is an excellent leader who questions and will “take a stand” if required. He has demonstrated empathy for the concerns and problems, not only for people in his magisterial district, but for residents throughout the county.

If elected, David will earn your respect. He will make Oldham County government the most respected in Kentucky. Please vote David Voegele, Oldham County Judge-Executive on May 18. Thank you for your support.

Jim and Barbara Sparks

La Grange

Candidate disappointed in newspaper contest

To the editor:

In the April 22 edition, The Oldham Era printed a big supplement entitled, “Best of Oldham County” which announced the winners of a local contest intended to identify reader favorites in a wide variety of categories.

Unfortunately, and I am sure unintended, I believe the promotion slighted hundreds of dedicated and capable county employees of fiscal court, the school board, EMS, library, health department and fire departments. The rules of the contest allowed participants to vote for their favorites up to five times per day. A person who wanted to win could get their family and friends to vote for them up to five times per day. Obviously, any determined individual or group could stuff the ballot box in their favor and come out a winner.

The obvious purpose of the promotion was to sell advertising, and The Oldham Era came out a winner, too. Selling advertising is how the newspaper earns a living and I have no problem with that. Many winners in the various categories bought advertising to announce they had won, including my opponent for judge-executive, Paula Gish, who bought the biggest ad of all, a full-page congratulating herself for being chosen as the best county official. According to The Oldham Era, the cost for a full-page, color ad to appear on the back of the supplement was $700. I could not help but notice that the supplement was put out in the newspaper on the same day as the judge-executive debate between Ms. Gish and myself, a debate the newspaper vigorously opposed showing on Channel 25. Also, I could not help but notice there were no congratulatory ads for winners in many categories where there was no advertising budget controlled by the winner, such as best school teacher, best male and best county employee. Ironically, the person voted best county employee turned out to be the administrative assistant to Paula Gish and Oldham County Judge-Executive Duane Murner.

There are hundreds of great businesses and dedicated and good employees in Oldham County. I would like to congratulate and thank all of them.

David Voegele

candidate for Oldham County judge-executive

Thankful to live, work in Oldham County

To the editor:

As we look back on the past two years of the economic recession that so deeply affected our country and world, we are thankful we live and work in Oldham County.

As the news media reports nearby communities having to close schools and drastically cut public services due to lack of funding and leadership, we are thankful we live and work in Oldham County.

As we hear tentative whispers that the economy is starting to recover; see more cars in business’ parking lots and more help wanted signs with summer just around the corner, we are thankful we live and work in Oldham County.

Are we lucky? Yes we are – to have had wonderful people in our community smart enough and talented enough to lead us through this tough time. We are thankful we live and work in Oldham County. The people of Oldham County have a great opportunity. We can continue to embrace economic recovery with some of our community leaders who helped lead our county through it. Please vote for and ask these people to continue their most valuable community leadership: Paula Gish for county judge-executive, Julie Klosterman Barr for county clerk, Kevin Eldridge for magistrate and Mike Simpson for jailer.

We are thankful we live and work in Oldham County!

Jon and Mary Beth Westbrook