Letters to the Editor

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By The Staff

Teacher is grateful for community support

To the editor:

To the North Oldham community, thank you for braving the cold temperatures, wind, and rain in order to make the Walk 4 Will such a tremendous success. 

It is humbling to see such consistent and widespread support from the community for my battle against cancer.  The myriad number of students, parents, and school groups that participated really reflects the love, faith, and cohesiveness of the community that it has been my pleasure to serve over the past six years. 

As I continue to battle cancer I know that I can be successful with your support.   

Thank you and God bless.

Will Jones, North Oldham High School

Change can be hard to accept

To the editor:

After one of the most horrible presidencies in our nations history, the amount of positive change proposed and coming from President Obama’s administration so quickly can be very troubling to Republican’s and those who benefit from the status quo and fear change. President Franklin D. Roosevelt had a total of 12 years (1933–45) to clean up the mess (better known as the Great Depression) brought on by the previous three Republican Administrations (Warren Harding, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, 1921–33). President Obama has only eight years to clean up the mess left him by the Bush/Cheney administration, so speed is of the essence. It is important to note that after the Great Depression the Democrats were in the White House for the next 20 years. If history repeats itself that will have a Democrat in office until 2029, and maybe by then the Republican Party can find it’s way out of the forest. That will be a hard pill for some in the GOP to swallow, but it’s even harder to argue with facts and history.

John Sutton, Crestwood