Letters to the editor

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By The Staff

We all need family and friends

To the editor:

In looking back over the first six months of the 2007-08 school year, the Oldham County Adult Education Program has come to the conclusion that all of us need family and friends for support, guidance and sometimes to help us along our educational journey.

On our registration forms we ask all students how they heard of our program and the vast majority have indicated it was a family member or a friend who has shared information with them. We gather this information to better assist us to know where to spend our marketing dollars - ads in the newspaper, flyers up in the community, sharing information at local meetings we attend- we have found the best resource we have are people in our community who continue to help those around them - their friends and family.

We appreciate this support and encourage everyone to continue to tell those you love about the benefits of attending the adult education program - we can help you better prepare yourself to get a job, get a better job, set a good example for your children, learn English or bring you up to where you need to be in order to help your children with their homework.

We look forward to serving the adults in the Oldham County community in the 2008. Please give us a call or e-mail for more information. 241-6018 ext. 352 or ext. 163 or e-mail at suzette.ertel@oldham.kyschools.us.

Suzette Ertel, Director, Oldham County Adult Education, Crestwood

What Christmas means

To the editor:

Everybody knows what Christmas means to them but for me Christmas means more than presents and spending time with loved ones and family.

What I thought Christmas meant was presents, spending time with loved ones or family, but back in 1993 I gained a different view about Christmas and what I am going to say changed me completely. I learned that many kids and families wouldn't have a Christmas that year. Becoming involved with the Jaycees changed my life and view of Christmas. I now miss doing clothe-a-child and dressing up like Santa at Wal-Mart. Seeing a child light up and smile made me feel good inside and put a smile on my face. Every time I saw a kid smile I felt like I was doing a good deed and making a kid or family happy so they can have Christmas and the kid or kids have something under the Christmas tree that year. I wish I was still in the Jaycees so I could see smiles on the kids' faces and know that I had a part in of making some kid have Christmas.

So Christmas means more to me than receiving presents. Christmas means to me giving a kid or family Christmas too. So my Christmas present is that every kid or family can enjoy Christmas like I will. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Joey Ford, Crestwood

County police thank Col. Rodney Brewer for merit board service

To the editor:

The Oldham County Police Department extends its congratulations to Col. Rodney Brewer, who has recently been named to the important and high-profile position of commissioner of the Kentucky State Police. We also extend our unending gratitude to Col. Brewer who has served with distinction for the past three years as a member of the OCPD Merit Board.

During his tenure on the merit board, Col. Brewer has provided a service that has advanced the mission of the OCPD and we are grateful for his service. Col. Brewer's latest contribution to our agency was to design the promotional test for a sergeant's position. He has also been a consistent source of sound advice to members of the OCPD command staff and he will be missed as he leaves to assume the awesome duties of his new position.

It is a rarity that anyone appears to be born to serve in a particular position but such is the case in Col. Brewer's appointment as commissioner. This will be his second stint with the storied Kentucky State Police, having recently retired after an accomplished career of service to the Commonwealth, much of which was in a command position.

On behalf of our entire department, I personally thank Rodney Brewer for his contributions to the OCPD through our merit board and we wish him well in his new position of commissioner of the Kentucky State Police.

Col. Michael Griffin, OCPD chief

Oldham County must effectively plan for growth

To the editor:

The county in Virginia that Jane Caverly is speaking of in her letter to the editor is Loudoun County. I grew up there, went to high school in Ashburn where she lives, and need to clarify one thing from her letter. Some people in Loudoun County fought growth tooth and nail, just like some folks are now doing in Oldham County. They failed, just like they will fail here. What they succeeded in doing was to keep the county from effectively planning for growth. The result is the mess that Loudoun County has become due to unplanned growth.

The similarities between Oldham County today and Loudoun County, Va., 30 years ago are striking. Both were rural counties just outside metropolitan areas. Both were relatively affluent with good schools and both relied heavily on large horse farms for their rural character.

I neither support nor oppose an airport in Oldham County, but I would oppose any attempt to prevent planning for the future in hopes that growth will simply not come to Oldham County if we wish it away. Oldham County will change; we need to control the change to get a desirable result.

You can't stop growth, but you can plan for it and manage it to retain the beauty of Oldham County. My family chose Oldham County, in part, for its beauty. My hope is that Oldham County does not follow the lead of Loudoun County and stick its head in the sand but rather recognizes that growth will happen and plans for the future.

Mark Levdahl, Prospect

Thanks to EMS

To the editor,

Some weeks ago I had the misfortune to fall in my home. My monitoring service called the South Oldham County Fire Department and the Oldham County Emergency Medical Service.

I cannot thank them enough for their wonderful service the prompnence in coming and then kindness.

I shall be forever grateful.

Marjory Miller, Crestwood

Airport is unnecessary for Oldham County

To the editor:

We feel compelled to weigh in on the airport issue.

We want to thank our magistrate, Bob Leslie, for recommending to fiscal court that the airport board be disbanded after the emotional public meeting in November that was packed with opponents of the possible Oldham County airport.

My husband and I, as well as several neighbors, attended. And we are very opposed to this airport also. ...

I was very impressed at the meeting on how well the residents speaking against the airport had done their homework. I'm even more convinced that there is not one good reason for it. It will turn into another boondoggle in our county, and will have destroyed a large part of our beautiful community in the process. ...

With the building of Oldham County water wells, the Conservation Park, the improvements of the Westport Park and more and more land being put into conservation easements, we have been pleased because these things help keep Westport beautiful, clean and keep development to a minimum. We have felt that we can finally breathe a sigh of relief that our little out-of-the-way community will no longer be looked at as the 'dumping ground' for projects no one else wants.

So even though the 'possible' airport locations would not be directly in our backyard, it still would be in our 'larger' neighborhood and we feel compelled to speak up for all our neighbors.

The few people who spoke at the meeting in favor of the potential airport spoke about how it will bring commercial development around it also, even more of a horror to those neighborhoods directly affected.

We feel that the establishment of the two commercial corridors along either side of I-71 - still with lots of space not yet developed - have solved the commercial needs for the county.

... What is frightening to residents who approach retirement is how do we continue to pay our increasing property taxes to support the infrastructure for new residents.

Once again, thanks to Bob for listening to his constituents, and standing up for the residents of Oldham County.

Deane Patton and Phil Wakeman, Westport