Letters to the Editor

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By The Staff

Board ignores quality of life questionsTo the editor: The current efforts of the airport board and some members fiscal court are missing or worse avoiding the scope of the anti-airport sentiment. During the public meeting of the airport board in November many residents voiced their objection based on the adverse affects on the quality of life. Residents living throughout the county voiced these objections. While the FAA procedures being followed have been suspended pending further studies, the possibility of an Oldham County general aviation airport is still a possibility. The current effort by the airport board focuses on the economic effects of an airport. There is no consideration to the future quality of life. What do we want the county to be in the future? Do we want those characteristics of rural/suburban life to remain for our children and grandchildren, or do we want another example of short sightedness and attempted quick fixes, that burdens the county’s resources and forever changes the rural/suburban nature of the county? The judge-executive, Duane Murner, appointed the Oldham County Vision Council to describe what the county should be in four years. I believe the time period goal should have been longer ... 10 to 20 years. The executive summary of the council’s efforts states very clearly, “We believe that the majority of Oldham County residents value the rural and suburban nature of the county and desire to preserve the delicate balance between future growth and the preservation of the county’s rural attributes.” Aircraft noise and leaded aviation fuels are but two of the concerns that do not fit this vision. I believe these are not attributes of “quality development that benefits the county” as stated by the council. No Oldham Airport, a group of concerned residents from a variety of professions, training, and experiences are attempting to provide well-researched documented information to the community concerning the impact of an airport. The group offers speakers to present this information to community groups and civic organizations. I strongly recommend readers who are concerned about the future of the county to check NOA’s Web site, www.nooldhamairport.com. If you and your neighbors are interested in having a speaker address your neighborhood or civic group contact NOA through the Web site.Edward A. Boles,La Grange

Job training key to easing area’s unemployment issueTo the editor: Statistics don’t lie. More than five percent of Oldham County residents are not working. Oldham County’s unemployment rate was 5.6 percent in January -- higher than the national rate of 5.4 percent, according to the Office of Employment and Training for the state of Kentucky. But if you talk to anyone in a growing field, it seems there shouldn’t be any unemployed people at all. In some fields, the pool of labor isn’t large enough to meet demands. It’s not that potential workers aren’t available for these jobs. It’s often that the workers who would like to do these jobs don’t know where to start. KentuckianaWorks is working to change that by pairing would-be workers with available jobs, and bridging the training gap in between. Thanks to a recent $2 million increase in funding from the U.S. Department of Labor, KentuckianaWorks is poised to do something about it in a major way. We can spend up to $3,600 per person on training, and hope to help 1,000 people complete the training by the end of June. Depending on the school trainees choose, their entire program of study could be covered by the funding. Trainees will receive help with job placement after they successfully complete the program. Workers who start the program now could be working in a new field by Derby Day. For information on this opportunity, call 877-639-7559 (877-NEW-SKLZ) or visit our Web site at www.kentuckianaworks.org to find the closest career center. If your business or community organization would like for me, or someone from the KentuckianaWorks staff, to come and discuss this opportunity, please call us, 574-3136.Michael Gritton,Executive Director, KentuckianaWorksTime for firearm policyTo the editor: We feel the time has arrived for a more restrictive firearm policy in Oldham County. It has become not only dangerous for residents, livestock and pets during the various wildlife hunting seasons, but off-season as well. We are residents of L’Esprit and are well aware of the consequences of mis-directed gunshots and their unintentioned targets as evidenced by the recent shooting of Priscilla Hancock’s horse. Thanks for the additional attention given this serious matter by The Oldham Era.Jim Lawrence andPatt Tallman,La GrangeDoty a great exampleof a Living TreasureTo the editor: Nancy Doty (MaMaw) is our grandmother. The article in The Oldham Era was really interesting to read.You could not find a better example of Oldham County treasure than MaMaw. She has always put others before herself and been a great influence to anyone who knows or is related to her. Thank you very much for choosing to do a story on her life, it turned out great. We love you MaMaw!Keith Simpson, La GrangeGet involved, staypolitically relevantTo the editor: The more you learn about politics the more you realize that not everyone is going to be happy 100 percent of the time on every issue. The best cure for any pain you’re feeling about your government is to get involved and build a relationship with your officials and local political groups. This means, bringing up good ideas and getting behind the best people you can find to represent you. I will admit that I have not been happy about both local and national decisions in the last few years, but I am going to continue to support those individuals who best position us for a stronger future.How do we find those individuals? The answer: by looking past the short-term issues and at the actual character and actions of candidates and support your party up for election. We all have pre-conceptions about the typical politician, but I implore you to look further for those “diamonds in the rough” that may not be getting the most press, but are doing an admirable job for us and the party of our choosing. I think we owe a great deal to some of our leaders and they deserve our support in their re-elections. Mitch McConnell, Geoff Davis and David Osborne are three people we should be proud to have representing us and I hope the community continues to support.Get involved. Join the local party in working for these campaigns. Join as a precinct captain or youth chair. Find out how you can get involved by calling the local party headquarters. Heck, if nothing else, make sure you vote. While Oldham is much smaller than places like Jefferson County, in elections we actually help turn the numbers in large areas like that county by our strong support/activism. Make sure we stay politically relevant, by getting active.JD Sparks, Pewee ValleyFirearm policy in best interest of residentsTo the editor: It’s no secret Oldham County is growing. New subdivisions, businesses, schools, etc. are going up everywhere. Now is the time for taking necessary steps in making our county safer for everyone. It is in the best interests of everyone to have safer and stricter laws governing the proper use of firearms. It is with great sadness that I read about our elected officials’ decision that this protection is NOT needed. I for one disagree! Responsible government and taking a proactive approach is the only way to preserve and protect the continued safety and ambiance of Oldham County. Reta A. Underwood,BucknerPVA thanks community for support; vows to run for re-election in 2010To the editor: Last year I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and shortly thereafter underwent surgery to have my prostate removed. Since that time I have had a total recovery and several test have shown no signs of a reoccurrence of the cancer. I strongly urge all men age 50 and older to get a yearly PSA test (a simple blood test) for early detection of this disease. Prostate cancer is the easiest cancer too beat and a simple blood test can prevent major problems later on. I want to take this time to thank the countless number of people who have kept me in their prayers, who have sent me get well cards and have wished me good luck. It is your thoughts and prayers that have made my recovery possible. At this time I would like to address the false rumor that I will not seek re-election in 2010. ... Let me assure you that I will seek re-election in 2010, 2014, etcee as long as voters give me that opportunity to serve Oldham County. ... Back to my main reason for this letter. I wish to again thank everyone for their support during my illness. Remember, men get those yearly PSA tests done so you will be around to keep your wives company in their old age.Ron G. Winters,Property Valuation Administrator, La Grange