Letters to the editor

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By The Staff

HDB appreciates local support

To the editor:

This letter is to let Oldham County residents know how much The HDB Service Group Inc. appreciates and values their support. Some may know HDB as the first transportation company located in and serving Oldham County exclusively. Our nonprofit organization operates MedTrans for trips to medically related destinations and LOCAL Transit for fixed-route public transportation. However, due to changes in the state Medicaid brokerage, we are sad to say that MedTrans will no longer be available for Medicaid transportation.

HDB will continue operating LOCAL Transit and the Community Care Clinic. MedTrans will become part of the services provided by the clinic. We look forward to continuing our service to the residents of Oldham County. We wish to thank Judge Murner, Baptist Hospital Northeast, the Oldham County Health Department and all of our faithful donors for everything they have done to ensure MedTrans, LOCAL and the clinic remain integral parts of the Oldham County human service community. Hope to see you all at our 2008 Gourmet Breakfast Gala on Nov. 21!

Cynthia and Steve Stafford

The HDB Service Group Inc.