Letters to the Editor

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By The Staff

Resident drops out of House raceTo the editor:

I’d like to thank everyone for their support but I am currently withdrawing my candidacy for state representative House District 59. Thank you for your time.Brian Dolan, Crestwood

Country needs viable third political partyTo the editor:Survival: The structure of our country has changed in the past 200 years from a largely self-sufficient farm community to an industrial society highly dependent on a sophisticated infrastructure for basic necessities. This made us the power we were in the world since World War I. In the past 20 years we have seen a great deal of our industry with millions of good industrial jobs moved overseas by unequal trade agreements by politicians who are content to bring on a one world government in the fatuous belief that bigger is better. Not so, when it entails the sacrifice of American sovereignty to unelected foreign bureaucrats. We see ourselves as a superpower, but the economic and industrial base which would support this status has been seriously eroded by the policies of politicians who have ignored the Constitution which they have taken on oath to uphold. In war, logistics supported by an economic and industrial base is superior to strategy. eeWars are also won by the strong moral fiber of the people at home and in our military. This too has suffered since the “death of God” movement of the 1960s. We are still an 85 percent Christian nation, but you wouldn’t know it by the frequent decisions of bad judges to ban any reference to God in our schools while actually promoting the religion (so defined by the Supreme Court in 1963) of Secular Humanism. And our Congress, which has the Constitutional power to stop such outrage, does nothing.Our Founding Fathers knew a free press was essential to preserving our freedom, but our dominant media today is a virtual monopoly. They also said our constitutional government required a religious and moral people and was unsuitable for any other. eeIt is time to take our country back from the politicians whose primary concern is their own power. To recover our country we need the alternative of a third party which has as its focus to adhere to the Constitution so we no longer have what is so frequently for us only a choice of evils.The Constitution Party is such a party, but the dominant leadership have us on the path to a one world government based in the UN where we will no longer be a sovereign country and, too late, our people will know we have fallen into the trap which millions in the European Union now realize has happened to them.Richard Morris, La Grange

American Legion seeks assistanceTo the editor:We are the volunteer organization and members of the American Legion that maintains the Veteran’s monument on the courthouse lawn in La Grange. We are structured as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt organization.We display the United States flag and the military service flags because they are a constant visual reminder that we live in the land of the free and the home of the brave.Without the efforts of our living and deceased veterans, it is highly unlikely that our children and our grandchildren would have or will have the opportunity to live in a land that lets them to continually enjoy the freedoms that we have had all of our lives.It is our responsibility to pay a contractor to provide on-going landscaping services at the monument and also provide all flags, including the individual flags, which memorialize the veterans from Oldham County who lost their lives so we could have ours. We do not receive any funds from any government agency.As chairman of the board of our organization, I ask for your financial help.We must rely on concerned residents like you to actively promote the legacies that our veterans have created for the benefit of future generations.We truly appreciate your generosity. Please help us keep our flags flying high over Oldham County. Your contribution is a small price to recognize those for whom we have so much to thank!Sammy Steele, Chairman of the board