Letters to the Editor

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By The Staff

SupportOldhamGreenwayeffortsTo the editor:As I was riding my bike on Ky. 393 and Ky. 146 into La Grange last Saturday, I was reminded that our community is completely dependent on motor vehicles to get from here to there. There is simply no infrastructure in place conducive to walking or riding in Oldham County. While riding my bike into town, I was constantly reminded by the whoosh of cars and trucks rushing past me just inches away, that my attempt at exercise was, in fact, dangerous to my health. Hoping to reach another birthday, I did everything I could to balance on the white line at the edge of the road, while trying to prevent falling off the “shoulder into the abyss.”Oldham Countians, wouldn’t it be nice to have a safe alternative to driving, given high gas prices, the need for exercise and the desire to enjoy the outdoors with our families? If you think a pedestrian-and-bike-friendly community is beneficial to you and your neighbors, then I ask you to support local efforts to build a Greenway throughout our beautiful county.Gregory A. Howard,La Grange

Perplexing issuesin Oldham CountyTo the editor:A number of things about Oldham County have me perplexed and perhaps if I air them publicly I might receive some answers through this forum. I’ll list three.1. The bowling alley and amenities due this spring at Crestwood Station. Only a month-and-a-half until summer, no action visible.2. Why is the roof cap of the gazebo in the town square still incomplete after a lengthy time?3. Why was the Irish Rover Too closed on St. Patrick’s Day? UNBELIEVABLE that the powers to be in La Grange would put up with that insolence! If I feel the need for Irish fare it’s now Molly Malone’s for me!Just curiouseeMarcus McKnight Shaw,La Grange