Letters to the Editor

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By The Staff

Arts are alive and well in Oldham

To the editor:The arts are alive and well in Oldham County and the proof was displayed Sunday at the Kentucky Center for the Arts. Gillman’s Dance Studio, located in Crestwood, celebrated its 10th anniversary with a magnificent end-of-the-year recital.Congratulations, dancers and Denise Gillman, for a job well done! We can take pride in the many opportunities that exist in our community for our children to explore the arts which broaden their horizons. Taking risks, by performing, allows our children to learn by building upon both successes and mistakes. Life-long lessons that are so important to our young residents’ development are being instilled through hard work, perseverance, dedication, and determination to just name a few.So go ahead and take advantage of all that Oldham County has to offer our children in our quest for an “education.” E. Price, Crestwood

Pray for peace on this Memorial DayTo the editor:I am honored to have served our country in the Marine Corps (1950-54). As a sergeant during the Korean War and having served in Korea, I feel with Memorial Day approaching, we should all pray for peace. I volunteered to serve our country in March 1950 and was in Korea when the armistice was signed in July 1953.This is not intended to be negative toward anyone but rather a history of the wars. A brief history on the wars we have fought and their approximate statistics follows:• VIETNAM WAR – nearly 60,000 killed;• KOREAN WAR – more than 50,000 killed;• WORLD WAR II – about 25 million military lives lost worldwide;• KUWAIT – a few hundred killed;• DESERT STORM – about 500 killed;• GRENADA – less than 100 killed;• IRAQ WAR – about 3,500 killed.No, wars are not very pleasant and we lose a lot of great men and women. In Korea, we had more than 25,000 marines killed at the Chosin Reservior. At Iwo Jima and Mt. Suribachi we lost about 5,000 marines in one day. Some service men have not been rewarded enough regardless of the war in which they fought. They gave of themselves, that is what counts.I believe we should love our commander-in-chief regardless of one’s political party. We should not hate anyone. I hope everyone will join me not only on Memorial Day but from today forward in praying for peace and supporting our commander-in-chief and our service men and women.Ray H. Stoess, U.S. Marine 1950-54, Louisville