LETTER:GOP chair shouldn’t be immune to questions of ethics during elections

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To the editor:
Ann Gernstein, Oldham County GOP chair, said in a recent interview that she did not support a specific candidate until after the primary. She personally told me the same thing before I ran in a primary. However, I saw two signs in her yard for my opponent and several of his signs leaning against her house – one can only assume for     distribution.
She also had signs for other primary candidates. While some might say it was only a rumor, too many individuals have reported her actively supporting one candidate over another in primary elections.
Gernstein recently received a supporting letter in The Era because she “is a valuable asset” the county Republican Party can’t replace.
Many should be angry that there are people who are not concerned with ethics of some elected officials if the individuals are doing a good job. They should also be concerned about the ethics of a party head for the same reason.
Remember, party chairs are powerful and exert a lot of influence in his/her position, including having an effect on replacing elected officials who resign during their term.
Some party chairs have the belief that they know better than the electorate and utilize their position to affect the outcome of those who represent the party. Power corrupts.
Integrity and character are not flip words; they still have meaning to me. I believe it is better to have a person with integrity and character as county party chair who may not give as many hours to the Republican Party than having to justify keeping Gernstein in the position.
Don Helton
Pewee Valley