LETTER:Farmers' market is a benefit to the county

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To the editor:
Our farmers’ market at the courthouse square is a benefit to La Grange and Oldham County.
People are courteous and sociable. A visit to the market is like stepping back into a kinder, gentler, more simple time. A wonderful experience.
Like all good things, the market is changing and not for the better.
The original vendor has been there since 1991. She is still in the original location selling quality produce.
Over the years the market has grown and now you can purchase produce, meats, eggs, breads and crafts. This creates competition and variety which makes the market a better place.
Growth also creates jealousy, greed and regulations. Some have been singled out and harassed for these reasons.
We feel local officials should leave the market alone and vendors should mind their own wares and not the business of other vendors. This allows everyone to enjoy the market without hearing petty complaints and ridiculous requests of vendors by local officials.
Let the market work for the benefit of all.
Joe and Brenda Barber