LETTER:Family received warm welcome halfway through rainy car ride

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To the editor:
On Thanksgiving Eve my husband, two kids, dog and I piled in the van to head from Ohio to Tennessee for our family Thanksgiving.
It’s never really a fun trip with the kids asking, “Are we there yet? How much longer?” after being in the car for 10 minutes.
Little did we know that we were about to experience the true meaning of Thanksgiving from a chance encounter with Paul and Bill at the NAPA Auto Parts store in La Grange.
About four and a half hours into our drive, the van started acting funny and it was clear we had to pull over as soon as possible. As we were getting off the exit I noticed a NAPA Auto Parts store up the road.
As we pulled in, Paul came out to help my husband diagnose the problem. When my husband was getting rained on while trying to fix the engine, Bill came out and offered to have us pull in the back garage to get out of the rain.
And then, I could not believe it, Bill stood there and held a light so my husband could see down into the engine. What would have been an extremely stressful situation was somehow manageable because of the genuine kindness these men displayed towards me and my family. Bill offered to stay past closing if necessary, which was also unbelievably selfless.
As my husband was wrapping things up with the van, Bill asked me if any of us needed to use their restroom before we left. I cannot thank these men enough for all that they did for our family that rainy, late afternoon on Thanksgiving Eve.
This was above and beyond any job description; these men have amazing character and a kind heart.
La Grange, Ky. – a small dot on the map but having a big place in our hearts forever.
Cara Wellmeier and family
Zanesville, Ohio