LETTER: Williams’ barn houses God’s creatures, not junk

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To the editor:
I read, with some dismay, Magistrate J.D. Sparks’ letter in the Dec. 15 edition of The Oldham Era concerning Second Chances Wildlife Center.  
Sparks’ letter insinuates that the Williams constructed a barn on their property after moving into their home.
The barn was constructed by the previous owners who raised long-horn cattle on the property.  
Granted, this may have been before some deed restrictions were imposed, but the fact remains that the barn was an existing structure.
The barn is not used as a junk yard as Mr. Sparks alludes.
It is a sanitary sanctuary for injured small animals that are humanely cared for by Mrs. Williams and the volunteers who assist her.  
I visited the property and had the pleasure of petting the resident opossum and I can assure Sparks there was no junk inside or outside of the barn (unless Sparks considers one of God’s creatures junk).
... The Williams have created a sanctuary for wildlife, not a place to raise cattle, pigs, chickens, goats, horses or other farm animals.
Further, what few additions have been made are not visible from the road in front of their property, unless one is using binoculars or a telephoto lens.  
... I also wonder if his closing statement wishing everyone a Merry Christmas was an afterthought and does “everyone” include Mr. and Mrs. Williams?  I wish them one.
Jim Stephens