LETTER: Weather conditions caused a panic

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To the editor:
Can we go back to the days when a tornado watch meant that conditions were favorable for a tornado, and a tornado warning meant there was an actual tornado on the ground?
Now, every time when there is a dark cloud coming over the local area, the tornado sirens are going off and the media and meteorologists are panicking.
I turned on the news Tuesday morning and you would have thought we were under a nuclear attack. The news anchors and meteorologists going back and forth hoping for a disaster to strike.
People that were out shopping were told to go back in the rear section of the stores while the employees locked the front doors to keep them in.
Kids in schools were taken out of their classrooms into the hallways where they had to kneel for an hour to protect themselves. All this because conditions were favorable for a tornado.
Callers calling in to the news stations reporting funnel clouds all over the city. Give me a break. If the high-tech super-doppler nexrad storm-tracking super-duper radar don’t spot any actual tornadoes, then keep it as a tornado watch.
When a tornado is on the ground then people need to act fast and take cover. No need to panic just because the dark clouds and wind is coming through the area.
However, I knew we were all safe due to watching the meteorologists. They weren’t in their usual wide leg stance and the shirt sleeves weren’t rolled up or the necktie wasn’t hanging down. If they would have been looking like this I guess the city of Louisville would have gotten blown away.
Eddie Ormerod