LETTER: Want liquor? Go somewhere else

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To the editor:
As a native of Oldham County and a Christian, I have an obligation to voice my opinion. I cannot vote on the liquor issue because I do not live in the city.
When people moved to Oldham County and La Grange, they knew it was dry. It was a nice and wonderful place to live. You wanted to come and live here because of the environment. Now you are asking people to vote on a change – not for the better. But for the worse. Shame on you people. The country clubs want a license to sell beer and liquor so their members can drink before or after golf. Good luck, people driving on Ky. 53 or Ky. 393. Watch out, but drink responsibly.
From what I can remember, Eminence was going to be put on the map with liquor stores. Go there and live – it is such a lovely little place. Or go down to Market Street in Louisville to live. It is such a lively place. You want my opinion? If you do not like what we have, leave.
What is the No. 1 drug problem in America? Liquor in our schools and colleges. And yet we accept social drinking. I love Oldham County. This is my home. For you that want liquor, go someplace else. I love my county and La Grange.
Anna Sue Craigmyle
La Grange