LETTER: Spring reignites turf war between drivers, cyclists

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To the editor:
I know that bicycle riders have the right to ride their bikes. But let’s get a grip here – certainly not in the middle of Ky. 146.
Last week my husband was travelling westbound on Ky. 146 through Crestwood when he – and other drivers – encountered a bicycle rider just pedaling along right in the middle of Ky. 146.
This is outrageous.
I remember last year when police made a huge deal out of finding a pick-up driver who forced a couple of cyclists off the road, so if that was a problem – which it was – then this should also be a problem.
This cyclist was just begging to become a statistic.
He was creating a traffic hazard as well as putting his own life in danger.
If there are no sidewalks then at least they could get over to the side of the road and ride as they are supposed to do.
I don’t condone violence but I can understand drivers’ frustrations at the inconsiderate blokes who think they own the road.
If they want to ride in the middle of the highway then they need to be motorized.
At the very least, these cyclists who want to ride on the highway need to have their bicycles licensed.
Then at least if they are disobeying the law it will give drivers some recourse by reporting their license number to authorities.
Someone is going to get killed one day and since the price of gas is going through the roof there are going to be more and more cyclists out there.
... Don’t wait for a tragedy to get it out for discussion.
Now that spring is upon us with the warmer weather, bikers are starting to get their bikes on the road – literally.
Nancy Renaud
Pewee Valley