LETTER: Respect your neighbors, local ordinances

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To the editor:
I keep seeing letters to the editor about the animal rescue facility and I feel that many are missing the point.

The point isn’t that Oldham County doesn’t want an animal rescue in the County, but that if you move out to a well-developed neighborhood with deed restrictions and expectations of the use of the land, then don’t then build something that is more akin to a farm.

If you planned to do so, why didn’t you buy a farm or expanse of land designed for that?

Hey, I am not saying you should all be told by your neighbors how to keep your house but if you come into a land purchase, and know the restrictions, why are you going to be shocked when you are then told to obey those rules?

This is part of that mentality we are starting to see pervade our society where people just plain old refuse to use common sense and respect for the rules.

There are so many complaints of people moving into these larger lots with half million or so dollar homes and then their neighbor decides they are going to build a huge barn and use it as a junk yard or some other use that is not in the nature of the neighborhood they moved into.

I don’t blame the neighbors for going crazy.

Please, and I mean pretty please, if you want to start a wildlife preserve please do it somewhere that it is within the keeping of the restrictions you agreed to when you purchased the land.

It is not only common sense but respectful to the community.

Oh, and everyone have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

JD Sparks
Magistrate, District 5
Pewee Valley