LETTER: Principal’s public criticism of parent is appalling

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To the editor:
My name is Jordan Althoff and I am a former student and athlete of North Oldham High School.
I initially didn’t give this topic much thought, but after I saw a column from NOHS Principal Lisa Jarrett I was completely appalled that she would single Mr. Richards out and make him out to be a bad person.
There were a lot of things wrong about Ms. Jarrett’s Title IX column, but I found one statement particularly doubtful:  “As a parent, Mr. Richards is welcome – and even encouraged – to bring his concerns about our school to administrators,” which is exactly what he did.  
After seeing this column and an e-mail Jarrett sent to the NOHS community, what parent will now feel encouraged to bring any concerns to anyone in the school district?
No one will want to voice their concerns for fear of being publicly criticized.
In order for the district to grow and develop, they have to learn how to accept constructive criticism and not retaliate when someone offers their opinion.
If they’re not willing to do that, then the community will suffer. I believe that publishing this article in the newspaper was out of line and inappropriate.
Jordan Althoff