LETTER: Local business serves tornado ravaged area with kindness

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To the editor:
In the wake of the terrible storms March 2, there are a few guys in our own backyard that everyone needs to know about.
Many of you know Amin Gunzalez and his brothers at the Buckner Marathon.
I started going there regularly about a year ago and I think the world of them. I call him Sunshine and he calls me Moonshine (not real sure about that, but oh well). He always has a smile on his face and most of the time is singing or laughing. “Singing” is a loose term here.
These guys also own a store (and live) in Borden, Ind. Their store is on Highway 60 and was one of the only stores not leveled by tornadoes in the area. These guys could have easily closed the doors and gone home to be with their families but they didn’t. They stayed and kept the store open.
Now, I’m not sure if they had electricity or the extent of the damage, but just to keep it open when you should have been home with your family says a lot.
But here’s the kicker – they gave everything away.
If someone needed ice or diapers or gas for a generator, they gave it to them.
In this day and time when price gouging is so common and almost accepted, these guys went above and beyond and I’m sure solidified their bond with the community.
I’ve always liked them but now they’ve got my business as long as they’re around.
So many times all anyone ever hears is the bad. It’s time we spread the good too. Please help me spread the news around about these guys.
Rob Henry
La Grange