LETTER: Let's race to build a bridge

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To the editor:
It has taken forever, but I now see light at the end of the tunnel. That is if they burrow under the River Fields land outcroppings instead of over the top!
In our now-near future I see a great sporting event beginning to unfold.
With Kentucky slated to build the downtown bridge, and Indiana the East End span, who will be the first to complete their project?
A competitive sport is one thing that both our states excel in!
I see record breaking speed in construction that has never been achieved before in the realms of bridge building!
Who will be the first to connect to land on opposing shores?
Considering past performances, I’d say the odds are set in the beginning with Indiana as the favorite.
In effigy, like in a mile horse race, we could break it down into quarters for the bettors in Kentucky.
Then, every 125 miles in Indy 500 measurements as they race to the finish!
Payoffs in incentives at each piling or juncture!
At the end a bronzed garland of driftwood and milk jug of river water could be draped over the end of the victors span for all to witness and pay homage to as they go to and from.
What fun this could be!
Marcus M. Shaw
La Grange