LETTER: I-71 needs immediate attention

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To the editor:
On Nov. 30, for the third time in a week, Interstate-71 was completely shut down or severely restricted by accidents between Interstate-265 and Crestwood (Exit 14).
In my opinion, emergency mediation of this five-mile section of highway is as serious as the repair to the Sherman Minton Bridge. Not to mention the costs involved due to EMS, police and fire departments or the overwhelming traffic diverted onto Ky. 146, Ky. 22, Ky. 329 and narrow roads in the area.
In early January, the long session of the Kentucky General Assembly convenes.  
During this session, the bi-annual review and update to the six-year highway plan is considered and sent to the governor. Without legislative approval, the Federal Highway Administration will not consider improvements, emergency or otherwise.
Please contact the governor’s office and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet to let them know your stories and concerns about traveling along I-71.
Tom Cox