Letter to the editor July 17

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It is unfortunate that people had an accident and were hurt and killed, but I disagree with my fellow Oldham County residents’ opinions in the article that say the intersection of 53 and Old Sligo Road ‘has become too dangerous.’ That’s ridiculous. It’s no more or less dangerous than it ever was.

I live off of Old Sligo Road and have driven that same stretch of road and used that intersection from all angles multiple times per day for years without incident. Furthermore, I can only recall two bad accidents at that intersection in the past nine years (the latest one included). Don’t blame the intersection. Blame lack of driving experience, poor driving skill, distracted driving or bad luck, but not the intersection or speed limit. There is great visibility from the intersection to oncoming traffic from the north or south and it is easy to tell if you are clear to pull out or not. There is also great visibility approaching the intersection from 53 north or south and any cars waiting to pull out can be seen.

Accidents happen every day all over the county. Fear mongering and cries for lowering speed limits won’t prevent accidents. Paying attention to what you are doing when behind the wheel and/or driving defensively will.

As the Oldham Era said, “Police have not determined the cause of the accident, which remains under investigation.” Like most, I am curious to know the cause of the accident. It is sad and horrible that people were hurt and killed. I am confident of one thing, though. The cause will not be the intersection or adherence to the posted speed limit.

Rick Barter

La Grange