Letter to the Editor: Fixing Interstate 71

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So what are the residents of Oldham County supposed to do about the problems on Highway 71 north and south? This is the question people are asking themselves on a daily basis.

We leave La Grange and hope and pray that we can get to Louisville without an accident near exit 18, maybe exit 17, maybe near exit 14, maybe near the Snyder Freeway. We absolutely have no idea how horrific it could be just a few miles ahead of us. It is happening at a rate that is not acceptable and that needs to be looked into by someone. The question we are all asking is who? City officials, county officials, state officials, federal officials, road engineers…we don’t know and we need help getting this figured out!

How many more injured, or worse, people have to sacrifice themselves to this highway before we get help? Do we need to bring the speed limit back down to 65? Do we need a giant digital board near exit 17 or somewhere both ways to alert drivers to slow down, there is an accident or a problem? What is the SOLUTION?

We want solutions and we need them soon. We need help. Maybe you, our newspaper, can help us figure out who to talk to. These are real problems and we want solutions.

Besides maybe the speed limit being reduced, what if 71N and 71S were “three” lanes on each side? Would that help us? There are a lot of on and off exits all in a row, tons of semi trucks and motorcycles. Tons of new teenage drivers, and elderly drivers all going “70 plus” miles per hour on only two lanes. Any little hic-cup and it could be terrible trouble. Maybe if there was a third lane to go into, the chances of diverting a huge problem would at least diminish.

Please help us in whatever way you can to get the word out that our residents need help with this very, very serious problem. It affects all of us!


Jackie Clauser

La Grange