Letter To the Editor

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By The Staff

To the editor:

A ridiculous controversy has ensued lately about Elsie Carter’s “Mayor on Patrol” car, a retired police cruiser adorned with clown-like markings that our mayor drives around town.

Earlier this month, Carter’s friend (and our superintendent of public works) Darleen Rusnak, told The Courier-Journal that the idea for the vehicle came from an unsuccessful applicant for the city’s police department who blamed Carter for his not getting hired and called her “Mayor on Patrol.”

I am the unsuccessful applicant, and I feel obligated to set the record straight on this issue, however insignificant.

I never called Elsie Carter “Mayor on Patrol.” A reference to that title was made during my job interview in January, but not by me. Because I was interviewing for a job that had interested me as long as I can remember, and since Ms. Carter was the only thing standing between dream and reality, I chuckled at the label and mostly just ignored it.

I remembered thinking that it fit with earlier descriptions that I heard about her, including that she “marches to the beat of a different drummer.”

My firsthand impression of the mayor comes primarily from her appearance at my job interview in January. She was about 20 minutes late and arrived wearing a pair of dirty old sneakers.

She later made the decision to simply leave the position to which I applied open, in spite of much wasted city time and money narrowing the original applicant list down from more than 20 applicants.

Afterward, I visited city hall and left several messages for her to inquire why, and she has yet to explain why our city police should continue to suffer from personnel shortages. I was not the only viable candidate for that job opening.

Rusnak also told The Courier that my criticism of the mayor had become a “running joke.” Well, people are laughing all right, but not at my assessment of Elsie Carter.

The people are laughing directly at the mayor and her small group of cronies. It’s about time for this comedy show to end.

In November, I am certain that it will.

Matt Hudson

La Grange