LETTER: Don’t throw NASCAR under the bus

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To the editor:
As an avid NASCAR fan and veteran of several trips to various venues for Cup races, I would like to offer some positives about the events at Ky. Speedway.  
It was great to see enthusiastic fans, good side-by-side racing action, and a sold out track.  For various reasons, I was unable to attend the cup event, but I had goose bumps watching the green flag fly on TV.
 Even though I was not among those stuck in traffic and my heart goes out to you that were, I don’t want the Ky. Speedway and NASCAR to be thrown under the bus.  
Veteran attendees of Cup races know to expect race traffic and plan accordingly. It is a whole day experience, not just the race itself.  It is the electricity in the air that NASCAR fans feel when they know they are partaking of an event that involves their driver heroes.  
It is strolling through the souvenir trailers and talking to complete strangers who, like yourself, are wearing the apparel of a favorite driver.  
True NASCAR fans are a hardy breed and will go through just about anything to be a part of a Cup event.  
True NASCAR fans are also a friendly bunch and generally don’t cause trouble at the tracks.  
My friend, who was stuck in the traffic for five hours, said the people in her line of cars were talking, joking and being jovial.  
I have to agree that six hours in a traffic jam is over the top, but I have been in traffic jams at Michigan Speedway for four hours before and four hours after a race, but I would go back if given the opportunity.
So if you are new to the NASCAR experience or a veteran NASCAR fan, give the Speedway, NASCAR, and Kentucky officials a chance to make things better.  
Here’s hoping you grow to love NASCAR so much that you get those goose bumps when the green flag waves next time.
Linda Penn