LETTER: Celebration is a great way to kick off holiday season

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To the editor:
When events become traditions, it is because a group of people came together over many years to make that event a special part of community. That’s what has happened with Light Up La Grange -- an event that has become part of the holiday season for so many Kentuckiana families.
With the knowledge, skills and efforts supplied by a few dozen volunteers and sponsors and a myriad of supporters, Light Up La Grange presents a wonderful venue for families to kick off the winter holiday season.
As a newcomer to Discover Downtown La Grange and to Light Up La Grange, but not to event planning or to community development, I was astounded at the magnitude of this event and by how smoothly everything went despite the size of the venue.
A few glitches? Sure. Did anyone know about them? No. That’s because Light Up La Grange volunteers are committed to their community and present a professionalism that can make any town proud.
I wish to thank all the volunteers, the merchant donors and the dozens of musical and entertainment groups and individuals who all performed without compensation for their participation in Light Up La Grange 2010.
 I hope to work with them all again in 2011 for the 27th annual Light Up La Grange festivities. And, special thanks to the residents and visitors who seemed to thoroughly enjoy every minute of the work that went into this year’s event.
Linda Goin
Discover Downtown La Grange