LETTER: Carter has limited experience

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To the editor:
Attorney Rob Riley’s recent letter in support of Courtney Baxter for commonwealth’s attorney was absolutely correct!
Her opponent, Bill Carter, through his campaign literature, has insulted attorneys by implying that their endorsement and financial support of a candidate is contingent upon expectations of personal favoritism.
I suppose Carter does not understand that the lawyers who practice before elected judges and prosecutors are in the best position to know, from continued experience, those who perform consistently well and adhere to the law.
Becoming a candidate for public office opens a person’s record to public scrutiny and Mr. Carter’s record is hardly exemplary. In 1994, he was convicted of DUI in Oldham County and again convicted of DUI and operating on a suspended license and being a habitual violator in Shelby County in 1997.
From 1990 to 2012, Mr. Carter has appeared in Oldham County as a defense attorney in nine criminal cases — only nine in 22 years. That’s one case every two-and-a-half years. That does not impress me as sufficient criminal law experience to qualify on a personal or professional level as the chief law enforcement officer for Oldham, Henry and Trimble counties.
As the retired full-time assistant county attorney for Oldham County for 12 years, I know the professionalism, experience and skill Courtney Baxter will bring to the office. She does not need on-the-job training.
Konrad Poth
La Grange