LETTER: Brentwood is now the Crestwood bypass

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To the editor:
I have not paid close attention to the goings on with the Brentwood subdivision calamity as it has unfolded in the last few months.
I don’t live there and rarely visit that area. However, this morning I did have a need for the unofficial Crestwood bypass from Ky. 329 to Ky. 22 when Interstate 71 south shut down due to another overturned truck.
As I got on the Ky. 329 Bypass at I-71, I remembered hearing that this new road would take me around to west of Crestwood to Ky. 22 so I turned into Spring Hill subdivision.
As I drove along, first at 20mph, then 25mph and finally 35mph, I wondered what in the world those P&Z people were thinking when they approved that development with this road as the only means of access?
These were narrow, residential roads, with driveways every 75 to 100 feet on both sides. These are not “major” roads like Ky. 146, Ky. 22 or Ky. 53 that are meant to carry lots of thru traffic.
P&Z has done a great disservice to the residents of Spring Hill and the folks at the other end on Clore Lane.
Today, there were very few vehicles using this bypass probably because of the holiday season, school is out and it is relatively unknown. Once word gets out about it though, those residents will be trapped in their own homes whenever I-71 shuts down.
Think of what Ky. 146 looks like in Pewee Valley and Crestwood when I-71 or the Snyder shuts down.
If P&Z is supposed to be protecting the citizens of the county from rampant and runaway development, they have failed the county in general and the residents of Spring Hill in particular on this one.
Rob Dupin