LETTER: Brentwood is a 'monster'

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To the editor:
What do the words planning & zoning suggest to you?  Because there is hardly any planning nor zoning involved at Brentwood. 
I have watched this “monster” develop since 2004, then 2006 when the plans for Brentwood were turned down by the commission for just cause. 
Once the P&Z commission was threatened with a personal lawsuit in 2008, plans for Brentwood were instantly passed. 
The heavy money from Louisville developers, called Oldham Farms, intends to “truck” (pardon the pun) over the resident
Ask my neighbor who requested a fence to protect his property from the Brentwood development. The response was a barbed wire placed around his property. 
What nice people!
So many rules and regulations were simply cut or ignored in the initial proposal of Brentwood. 
There is still a list of several regulations just dropped. I am writing about one, safety. What does this mean to the neighborhoods surrounding Brentwood? 
People have to live somewhere, right? 
No one objects to that.  However, slap-dash developments with serious safety issues will mean some person or child could be seriously injured because of this planning & zoning commission’s decision. 
... Once 345 houses are developed, where would one assume cars would drive? The P&Z commission is playing word games to make the street comply with state regulation. 
Dress up a dog and it is still a dog, not something else. 
Oldham Farms developers could have had a meeting back in 2006, with the neighbors and answered their concerns but they took the “barbed wire” attitude.
 They chose to waste time and money in the courts. 
Every future accident on Clore Lane or Spring Hill section will be the direct fault of Oldham Farms and P&Z commission who said yes to this dangerous monster. 
There was a third access for Brentwood but, gosh, they would have had to build a road to Hitte Lane. Cost problems?
Linda Dolan