Lane takes plea deal in gang case

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By Kenny Colston


A sixth individual originally indicted on charges of participating in organized crime has pleaded down to a lesser charge.

Donnie Lane, of La Grange, took a plea deal similar to that of his five co-defendants during a hearing last week.

Lane pled guilty to one count of possession of drug paraphernalia and was given 12-month probation on a two-year term as a sentence.

The plea and sentence was similar to that of co-defendants Gabrielle Beach, Felix Myers, Thomas Wenz, Roger Wilson and Brandon Davis.

Those five, Lane and two others were arrested last October on several charges, including participating in organized crime and drug charges and indicted on them in December. But as the cases have progressed through the court system, the most serious charges have been dismissed, leading to plea deals to only drug charges.

Of the eight originally charged, only Keaton Lee and Casey Endicott have not taken plea deals. Lee is scheduled to return for a pre-trial hearing on July 3, while Endicott has not yet been indicted on his charges, after asking for a competency ruling in district court. His charges in that court were then dropped in hopes of a direct indictment, which hasn’t yet occurred.

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