La Grange city council members question city’s operating hours, clock-in system

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By The Staff

At Monday’s meeting of the La Grange City Council, Council Member Melanie Woosley asked about the operating hours at city hall and said she’d heard people say they think it should be back to a five-day a week schedule. Last year the city decided to modify the schedule to longer days four days a week to deal with rising gas prices. 

Mayor Elsie Carter said she would take the suggestion under consideration as it is at the mayor’s discretion to make the change. She said some employees are back to working at city hall five days a week. At Monday’s meeting, council member Jean Knight  brought up having the city look into acquiring a thumbprint clock-in system for city employees. She said several of the city’s departments should have a method of clocking in and out for their shifts and wants the city to purchase a system. Council members decided to have the ordinance and personnel committee meet and see what model would be best and come back to the council with a recommendation. Woosley and Knight also discussed the possibility of separating the personnel and ordinance committees, citing the number of responsibilities of the joint committee. “I think it’s too much,” Knight said. She wanted to make a motion to split the committees, but Carter said that had to be done at the Mayor’s discretion. Carter said she would review the committees’ responsibilities and if she found it to be too much, they would separate.