Kaelin takes second at state wrestling meet

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By Mickey Patterson

FRANKFORT – Tyler Kaelin reached his goal and walked away pleased from the state wrestling tourney.
While he came in second in the state at 125 pounds, Kaelin did what he started out to do at the start of the season after falling 13-3 to Trinity's John Fahy in the title match.
"I was pretty pleased with how I wrestled," Kaelin said. "Obviously John is really good. When I knew I was in the finals I knew I had reached my realistic goal and my family and I were happy."
Kaelin already has his sights set on next year with a bigger emphasis on working in the weight room. The willingness to work, comes as no surprise to anyone.
"He had a great year and he earned it," OCHS coach Aaron Riordan said. "Tyler works his butt off. He will likely take about a week off and then be right back in the wrestling room working on getting better."
Kaelin's performance was the highlight of a somewhat dissapointing tourney for the Colonels as they entered the meet ranked No. 7 in the state, but finished 13th at the meet with 67 points.
"We had quite a few people get put out Friday night," Riordan said. "Saturday morning we still have five or six left, but they got beat and that's where you pick up your points, is in those consolation rounds. We have to figure a way to push them through next year."
Another highlight for the Colonels was freshman Conner Wilkerson who battled his way back through the consolation round to finish sixth at 103 pounds.
"That's a big deal for him," Riordan said. "Not many people place at state and for him to do it as a freshman is really something to be excited about."
For North Oldham, senior Larry Hinkle led the Mustangs with a fifth-place finish at 152 pounds.
Hinkle entered the state meet with just one loss and won his first two matches easily before falling 12-6 to Anthony Wood of PRP. Hinkee came back to reach the consolation semi finals where he lost to 12-2 to Brian White of Woodford County. He came back to beat Brenden Tuggle of Henry Clay 6-0 to win fifth place.
Junior Chase Rusch won his first two matches for the Mustangs at 160 pounds before dropping his next two and seventh-grader Hudson Heidorf won a pair of matches at 103 pounds.
Keegan Duncan and Chase Rusch each went 2-2 in the tournament at 112 and 119 pounds respectively as  the Mustangs finished 22nd in the state with 43 points.
South Oldham was led by senior Cole Proctor who took fifth place at 145 pounds.
Proctor won his first two matches before falling 3-0 in tough match to eventual state champion Joe Whalen of Henry Clay.
Proctor fought his way back to the consolation quarter-finals where he suffered a near last-second 2-1 loss to Hunter French of St. X.
Proctor beat Caleb Lokard of Ryle 5-2 to win fifth place.
OCHS results
103 - Conner Wilkerson
Won by pin over Tristin Badida - Conner
Lost by pin to Trae Blackwell - Union County
Won  9-2 over Chris McKenna - SOHS
Won 8-0 over Zach Heck - Central Hardin
Won by pin over Hudson Heidorf - NOHS
Won 6-2 over Dallas Pruett - Ryle
Lost by pin to Trae Blackwell - Union County
Won 8-6 over Chris Abernathy - Meade County
112 -John Shirkey
Won by pin over Anthony DeWitt - Fort Campbell
Won 10-8 over Robert Wyatt - Johnson Central
Lost by pin to Daniel Lannum - Danville
Lost 11-3 to Ian Kahl - Trinity
119 - Brian Hall
Won 10-5 over AJ Roberson - PRP
Lost by pin to Will Bryant - Lafayette
Lost by pin to Jeffrey Wurth - Union County
125 - Tyler Kaelin
Won 18-2 over Hussein Ayoub - Henry Clay
Won 20-4 over Logan Frank - Daviess County
Won 9-4 over Josh Conley - Johnson Central
Won 9-2 over Jimmy Lacy - Lafayette
State championship
Lost 13-3 to John Fahy - Trinity
130 - Daniel Breneman
Lost 7-5 to  Paul Hamilton - Campbell County
Lost 9-5 to Danny Crittenden - John Hardin
135 - TJ Schuyler
Won 8-6 over Zach Green - Fort Campbell
Lost by pin to  Caleb Canter - Larue County
Won by default over Zack Goldsmith - DeSales
Lost 5-2 to Brandon Robbins - Scott
140 - Cody Bishop
Lost 5-3 to Colton Hall - University Heights
Lost 12-4 to  Austin Pender - Trinity
152 - Grant Johnson
Lost 10-8 to Jimmy Preston - Johnson Central
Won 16-0 over  Jayven Jones - Trigg County
Lost 10-3 to Brenden Tuggle - Henry Clay
160 - Jeb Ayers
Lost 14-6 to Ryan Sowder - Scott
Won by pin over Greg Wolldridge - Seneca
Won 17-1 over Eric Poston - Ohio County
Lost by pin to Curtis Graham - Woodford County
171- Addison Deckard
Lost by pin to  Jake Fooks - Bourbon County
Won 4-1 over Nick Fuller - Seneca
Lost by pin to Corey Newsome - Whitley County
215 - Willie Singleton
Lost by pin to Cory Buckler - Ryle
Lost by pin to Jordan Jones - Wayne County
285 - Mikey Caudill
Won by pin over Dominic Hephner - Caldwell County
Lost 8-1 to Cody Mink - Wayne County
Won by pin over Raynel Brown - Union County
Lost 4-3 to Chris Lawrence - St. X
NOHS results
103 - Hudson Heidorf
Won by pin over Taymarcus Taylor - Bryan Station
Won 9-7 over Zack Bray - Whitley County
Lost 6-0 to Clay Brown - Walton-Verona
Lost by pin to Conner Wilkerson - OCHS
112 - Keegan Duncan
Lost 12-0 to Felix Casa De Valle - Seneca
Won by pin over Scott Stokes - Belfry
Won 5-2 over Robert Wyatt - Johnson Central
Lost 16-9 to Edwin Padilla - Moore
119 - Mitch Rusch
Won by pin over Francisco Rodriguez - Western
Lost 9-5 to Wade Willen - University Heights
Won by pin over Colton Elkins - DeSales
Lost by pin to Josh Jude - Johnson Central
130 - Loren Avera
Lost 9-5 to Logan Jones - Walton-Verona
Won by pin over Isaac Colliver - Montgomery County
Lost 3-0 to Richie Supe - Scott
152 - Larry Hinkle
Won by pin over Bo Preece - Belfry
Won 21-5 over Colt Brown - Tates Creek
Lost 12-6 to Anthony Wood - PRP
Won 12-4 over Jimmy Preston - Johnson Central
Won 9-2 over Josh Parker - Ryle
Lost 12-2 to Brian White - Woodford County
Won 6-0 over Brenden Tuggle - Henry Clay
160 - Chase Rusch
Won 20-4 over Chris Blair - Ashland Blazer
Won by pin over Sam Willbanks - Moore
Lost by pin to Shawn Hull - Larue County
Lost 2-0 to John Stout - Bourbon County
171 - Dylan Marksbury
Lost 14-4 to Ryan Duzyk - Henry Clay
Lost 16-3 to Tyler Simpson - Wayne County
189 - Will Conrad
Lost by pin to Darrius Parrott - North Hardin
Lost by pin to Korey Smith - Wayne County
SOHS results
103 - Chris McKenna
Lost 11-2 to Luke Rearic - Lafayette
Won 5-1 over TJ Bowen - Johnson Central
Lost 9-2 to Conner Wilkerson - OCHS
125 - Nathaniel Long
Lost 6-3 to Roderick Agyeman - Franklin County
Lost by pin to Zach Fryer - Campbell County
130 - Roy Bisenius
Lost 3-1 to Corey Ahern - Ryle
Won 11-5 over Jacobi Reed - Western
Lost 5-3 to Josh Lopez - Franklin County
135 - Tino Velez
Lost by pin to Kevin Cooper - Simon Kenton
Lost by pin to Garrett Kenealy - Meade County
145 - Cole Proctor
Won by pin over Ryan Woodrum - Central Hardin
Won by pin over Duncan Caddel - Whitley County
Lost 3-0 to Joe Whalen - Henry Clay
Won 2-1 over Josh Caudil - Johnson Central
Won 5-0 over Camryn Fields - PRP
Lost 2-1 to Hunter French - St. X
Won 5-2 over  Caleb Lonkard - Ryle

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